Profoto Will Introduce a Small, Battery-Powered Flash on September 12

Profoto Will Introduce a Small, Battery-Powered Flash on September 12

Profoto just released a teaser video announcing a new product is about to be released. It may well be an updated B2 or a baby version of the B1X.

No model or features have yet been announced. But the video Profoto published in their members only area gives out a few details. The unit is battery-powered, seems to be smaller than the B1X, and retains the recessed tube design found on the B1, B2, D1, and D2 series. It also looks like it’s compatible with current Profoto light shapers and as if the light stand attachment can be taken off or has some sort of adjustment dial, perhaps to tighten the umbrella shaft in place.

Yesterday, Lighting Rumours was also sharing a leak that appeared on social networks for a few hours before being taken down. The picture showed an unidentified Profoto strobe that looks similar to the one seen in the teaser video that’s no bigger than a 70-200mm lens.

In the same image, a TTL Air Remote is also visible. It wouldn’t be a far stretch to say the new unit will be TTL and HSS compatible, even more so when the teaser video includes award-winning wedding photographers. It’s a clear statement that this unit was designed with photojournalists and wedding photographers in mind. I’d be surprised to see no TTL or HSS feature.

The new Profoto and its set of features will be announced on September 12. Until then, we can only speculate if this is a B2 replacement or an entirely new unit. What do you think the Swedish flash manufacturer is about to drop? Or what do you wish they would release?

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Quentin Décaillet is a photographer and retoucher based in Switzerland specializing in portrait and wedding photography.

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Agree, felt kinda weird, so I opted not to subscribe.. hehe

For sub $2000? We should all be so lucky.

This would be the REAL SMALLEST STUDIO LIGHT, the A1 it's a really cool toy to have, but after using it for almost a year, I noticed I can do the same thing with a regular speedlight. This might be the one I was looking fwd to.

Yeah, I think the A1 shines best in company with other Profoto lights - not as the main light.

Thank you very much for admitting that the A1 can do the same thing any other regular flash can do. Every other A1 user would never admit that, they would claim its the best smallest studio light out there meant only for the pros. They will claim they now take better pics compare to when they used other brands

All about godox these days!

guess most people will opt for godox products for its value to performance.

Its a 250w/s b2 equiv replacement. It does look like a b1 mini. The B2 is discontinued.

This type of product lure to people is really getting

Godox beat them to it. Unless you’re wanting 200ws for 1200 bucks... to each their own

Damn thing better have 2 card slots.

I hear it only has one microSD slot :(

No, but it better take AA batteries :)

I am guessing this will be the $1200 Profoto version of the Godox AD-200...they already convinced people to spend $1,000 on a speedlight (the A1) - so why not??? Excellent products- but even better marketing!!

They didn't convince me! For off camera lighting I use Nikon SB-25 Speedlights from 1992... available for about $40 on the used market.

Its going to be an ad200 equivalent that will sell for around £1400, and profoto's patriotic users (as usual) will be very happy and will tell us godox user's that the price is very good and its for only working Pros (like themselves) and not for us broke ass chinese knock off users aka godox users 😂, and their photographs are now better than ever before, and they wanna order about 3 of it right away bla bla bla bla bla bla 😂🤣🤣😂

Then out of nowhere, as usual William Howell will come along and compare old tech PCB's lights to every other new tech light out today, and try convince people to buy PCB only because its pure American made and he happens to be the most patriotic American on the planet. But then someone will CONVINCE him (as always) why new tech is better, to which he will agree (as usual)
And this my good old friends, is the circle of life 🤷🏿‍♂️

Hahaha, spot on comment! That guy is restless about that.

i cant wait till godox release its ver..
wait a moment, its actually the ad200 ....