February Only Sigma 30mm f1.4 Lens Only $289 at BH Photo

February Only Sigma 30mm f1.4 Lens Only $289 at BH Photo

One of our favorite lenses for cropped DSLR cameras is currently on sale at BH Photo for a ridiculously low price of $289 (Next lowest price is Amazon at $349). If you've been looking at getting a nice wide angle lens for low light or super shallow depth of field, this lens is one to consider. We've shot a lot of Fstoppers Originals with this prime lens and it's a great choice for those wedding fusion videos in extremely low light situations. Comes in versions for Canon, Nikon, and Sony.

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damn that's cheap!

bought this for $500 little over a year ago

I already own the 50 1.4 by sigma. I shoot a crop sensor camera. Would it be wise to get this lens?

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Well on a crop sensor it doesn't really matter. The only different will be in the depth of field which I think you can do without. Maybe go in for an ultra wide angle like a 10mm or 15mm 

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I'm not really sure what Dev's answer is hinting at.  Basically your 50mm on a crop is going to appear more telephoto.  So the 30mm will be much wider more like a traditional 50mm on a film or full frame sensor.  But yes, if you want a 1.4 lens that looks wider than your 50 then this lens is a great option.  

Just recently bought this for about $400, damn.

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Is a 30mm a lens I really need? I already have a 35mm for my Nikon.
Could someone please enlighten me to the need or uses of a 30mm.

It works out to be 45mm on a nikon crop sensor rather than 52.5 for the 35mm. Not a big deal, it just works out to be slightly wide angle. On a Canon crop sensor, which are slightly smaller, it works out to 48mm which is as close as you can get to a standard lens. IMHO, if you have a 35mm there's little use for a 30, maybe 20 or 24 for wide angle shots.

I really wish I could justify this lens right now, I find myself using my an old manual focus 28mm f/2.8 a lot and really wish I had both auto focus and the possibility for shallower DoF and low light capabilities.

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Yeah if you already have a relatively wide angle prime then you prob don't need another.  I actually only have two "fast" primes...This 30mm and the Nikkor 50 1.4.  The 24mm primes tempt me (full frame) but honestly I use my 24-70 2.8 most of the time and having the two faster 1.4 primes are enough for me.  

It is also available for Pentax at that price

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And Sigma....but do people really shoot on those?

Be advised, this is for CROPPED sensored cameras only.

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Not that you ever would, but it works well on the D800 and D600 cameras too.  Cropping those cameras still gives you over 12 megapixels.