Feiyu Tech AK2000 Gimbal Review: It's Better Than the AK4000

In a recent video, we take a look at the FeiyuTech AK2000 gimbal to see how good it is and if it's worth recommending. This gimbal is the smaller version of its bigger brother, the AK4000, and I wanted to see how the little one compares. 

Personally, I'm not a fan of huge heavy gimbals, because most of the time, I'm the one who has to carry them. I'd also feel bad making my assistants carry the super-heavy stuff, and for that reason, I prefer shooting with smaller, lighter equipment. This is one of the reasons why I absolutely love the Zhiyun WEEBILL LAB. It's tiny, comfortably fits in a messenger bag, and performs very well when it comes to producing smooth footage. The issue is that this gimbal will not allow me to balance heavier lenses like the Sigma 18-35mm f/1.8 Art. This zoom lens is a favorite for many videographers, and not being able to balance that lens on a gimbal is a bit of a deal-breaker. This is why the AK4000 was a brilliant option; however, the downside is that it's a huge and heavy gimbal. Fortunately, the AK2000 is actually the perfect balance between the two. Not only is the AK2000 (quite a lot) cheaper, smaller, and lighter, it can also balance heavy zoom lenses like the Sigma 18-35mm. Due to that, I'd say the AK2000 is actually a much better option, and I'd highly recommend it over the AK4000 gimbal. 

Check out the full video to see how it performs. 

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Usman Dawood is a professional architectural photographer based in the UK.

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I bought one of their early GoPro gimbals, thinking I was being smart and saving some money.
Failed in no time. Utter waste of money.
They are too late to try temp me with their stuff, I won't be robbed a 2nd time.

I'm sorry to hear that man, did you get a chance to at least return the faulty gimbal?

I've used a fair number of gimbals now from various manufacturers and almost all of them have had some issue of some sort. I don't think there's a perfect gimbal out there yet however in my experience Feiyu do make brilliant gimbals especially their flagships ones. I hope yours was just a one-off case but I can understand how that might leave a bad taste.

Was really in the first days of them. Dealer didn't want to know, batteries failed, charger failed, tried alkalines, the whole thing just failed me. I avoided them all like the plague until the RoninS popped up. I have good experience with their drone gimbals so bit the bullet. I know some people have had compatibilty issues with them at the start but they seem mature now. Feiyu possibly too but with no tangible service or backup available here and me relying on kit for income, I steer clear.