First Glimpse at High Resolution Raw Files From the 61MP Sony a7R IV

There have been numerous first glimpses of images taken with the new 61MP Sony a7R IV, but photographer and YouTuber Jared Polin is now sharing full-res RAW files. He has also made the images available for download, so you can have a go at editing for yourself.

Polin, of Fro Knows Photo, is providing viewers with a close look at the raw images. Raw files from this latest Sony gear are not yet supported by Adobe or any other editing suite, so Polin used a raw converter in order to turn the files into DNGs that could then be played with in Lightroom and Camera RAW.

Taken during the Sony press event in New York City, the images have now been released, with Polin taking to his channel to share his thoughts on the capabilities of the new camera, and how it holds up against it’s rivals. Hit play on the 8-minute video to hear what his thoughts are.

The images include various close-up and full body shots, with different lighting set-ups.

On top of his review, Polin is also making the full-resolution DNG files available for photographers to download and experiment with themselves. If you wish to experiment with the photos yourself, you can download them here.

Images Jared Polin, and used with permission.

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Can someone send that fella some other T-shirts?

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Yeah ,we got. that message umpteen years ago when he started. :)

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But did you know that "Fro knows pho-toooooh .com"

well said. Sony makes a 100mp large format sensor for the GFX100. And that's the real thing and the next chapter. These gadget-small sensor little cameras competing against the cellphones will be down to $250-300 and the real MF cameras @ 3K.
Like it used to be and like it will be.

michaeljin's picture

It's going to require some pretty big leaps for MF cameras to come down to that price. Also, you do realize that cameras back then were actually quite expensive if adjusted for inflation, right? :)

they have to. they have no choice.and if you believe that Fuji slashed the MF market overnight without Sony approving then you live in the same fantasy of when they try to explain why a cellphone with a 1mm lens takes the same pictures of a gadget like this one

michaeljin's picture

Why do they have no choice? And why on earth do you think that Sony would dictate how Fuji chooses to price their cameras? Seems like you're making a lot of ridiculous claims with absolutely nothing to back it up (zero facts and zero logic).

Even in the film days when medium format ACTUALLY made a difference, 35mm was still the dominant format by far. The different formats had different uses, but the existence of medium format (much easier to make back then as there was no sensor to account for) didn't reduce the price of 35mm. As an example, the Nikon F5 was actually $3,200 at release...

So no, I would not expect prices of any format camera to deviate very much from where they are today. They will likely go up to match inflation, but they sure as hell will not go down—particularly in the midst of a shrinking market where manufacturers will be forced to profit more from each sale.

you spread BS and misinformation with no end in sight. Practically every word you write is invented.
Sony and Canon decide the market of the gadget-cameras. They both produce their own sensors.
The projected numbers worldwide are clear (not to you because you invent stuff and don't count) but the segment is obviously re-shaping and fast,
What Sony did with the sensor of the GFX100 was no accident. The next chapter will be about large sensors.
The current segment of gadgets is (like I said by the projected numbers) on the way out, killed by the cellphones. And the power of Sony (and Canon) was on clear display when they let a small operation like fujifilm to literally kill and humiliate and ridicule phaseone and hasselblad in one shot (Sony did it, not Fujifilm... LOL)
Now consider why only Panasonic was allowed to lift the intentional restrictions on video (time limit and servo zoom/lanc).
The new megapixels "race" is so ridiculously obvious between Sony and Canon to attract the last idiots, create a distraction and a fabricated PR "war" to sell the inventory and as much as they can before it's over.
About the "film" era you can't talk about any of it because you again invent stuff and have no idea about it. None.
Now mark my words: the price level will be 250-300 for the small sensor gadgets and 3K for the large sensor real ones.. Like it used to be. And like it will be.

michaeljin's picture

LOL! You're either an idiot or a conspiracy theory nut. Whatever the case, believe whatever deluded nonsense you want to believe.

Medium format is and will continue to be an expensive niche within the industry. There's zero evidence that support any of your claims, but please feel free to go on and keep spouting your nonsense because you're doing a great job making yourself look like a joke.

Medium format and full frame inhabit two completely different areas of the market and I don't see medium format cameras suddenly appearing in the hands of photojournalists, sports photographers, street photographers, or event photographers. At best, it will return to the way it was before where most studios and wedding photographers will have medium format cameras, but that would probably require a big reduction in cost (not only in devices, but also lenses) as well as sensors that significantly differentiate themselves (like 6x6 to 6x9) in terms of size to give a meaningful quality boost.

Let's assume that your insane vision is true that that there is some huge breakthrough in sensor manufacturing technology that allows medium format cameras to go down to $3000. Are you also thinking that the lenses are going to come down to current full frame prices along with the cameras? Does Sony dictate lens prices, too?

LOL. now you are in deep and going deeper. Idiotic assumptions will seal the deepness of your status.
I shoot a phaseone iq180 and the evidence of what just happened is on display : GFX100 (Sony sensor), 1K standard lens, a wide (1.2K) and even long lenses for everything (from sports, studio, fashion, architecture, F1 races, weddings, commercial advertising and 4K videos)
wake up and smell the coffee. and stop inventing stuff. Can't you see that you are out of your league?

michaeljin's picture

Yeah? Why don't you tell me how much your PhaseOne kit with all of those long lenses cost you and how convenient they are to carry around. You can go ahead and stop spouting your bullshit. I know that you're probably feeling the need to validate the stupid amounts of money you spent on your kit, but unless you're making MASSIVE fine art prints, nobody other than you is realistically going to see the difference.

The more likely outcomes?

Possibility #1: Your photo gets displayed as an 8-bit sRGB JPEG on a website on a potential consumer's uncalibrated monitor.

Possibility #2: Your photo gets printed in a magazine using a 4-color large scale printing process that doesn't print anything close to the quality that your camera puts out.

Possibility #3: Your photo gets printed on a billboard at something like 15 DPI where your resolution made no difference anyway and using a printing process with a limited color gamut that doesn't recreate your camera's colors.

So yeah... I'm sure you feel real great when you use your kit and it probably even looks beautiful when you work with the files on your calibrated 10-bit display, but you probably wasted a lot of money. For that price, I hope that the camera gear at least tucks you in and kisses you goodnight every night. Oh yeah, and there's no such thing as a "medium format look" so don't even go there.

BTW, you're incredibly dramatic...
"now you are in deep and going deeper. Idiotic assumptions will seal the deepness of your status."
Who the hell speaks or writes like that? That's the type of line straight out of a cheesy 70's comic book.

Anyway, go take your medication, crazy guy. Reality is calling.

Serious question, though. How's the AF tracking on the GFX?

im going to educate you but just this 1 time. The cost is not that important (of course it is, but not that important). For me it was 8x10 transparencies before 6x7 chromes and then 1Ds (nice) and then Phaseone
I needed it because I needed it. You wouldn't understand and Im not going to even try to educate you on that.
Now listen and listen carefully because I won't repeat it:
it's not about the cost of the gfx100 (not for me, again it is but it's not that important to me)
it's about features, and technology that makes my life easier
shooting a medium format handheld at 1/60 in confidence is something that you can't understand but is a big thing.
And for the first time ever (thanks to Sony and Fujifilm, but mainly to Sony) there is a system dedicated to our needs instead of our bank account.
From the very start Medium Format has been rigid, no innovation, no nothing. My first MF film body was a zenza, then hasselblad and then mamiya 6x7. All film, all superior but all rigid.
with that I conclude my lesson.
Now about the markets: small sensor gadgets back to 250-300 and MF back to 3K. It's in the history of things,. it's also inevitable. A destiny.

michaeljin's picture


and that's what happens in social media when you get busted for spreading BS about stuff that you don't know

michaeljin's picture

No.. I was facepalming at your nonsense. Do yourself a favor and get off the drugs (or if you're just insane, get on some drugs).

if you can't afford a real camera then use the cellphone: pics and videos and also internet calculator and lots of other cool stuff.

michaeljin's picture

You're an idiot.

you are an idiot

michaeljin's picture

That makes two of us, then.

Eric Robinson's picture

And how about the A7R4?

michaeljin's picture

What about it? Watch the video and download the RAW files from his website.

Eric Robinson's picture

In my opinion most of what has been posted on this thread is pretty pointless biased opinion, a style of hot air debating better suited to politics. Again in my opinion, and to repeat a much said phrase, photography is all about the photographer and the images they produce. My interest here is I happen to have bought into Sony, A7R2 and 3. Do I think these cameras make me a better photographer from when I shot with Cannon?......I think not, will the A7R4’s extra pixels give me a creative edge? Again no. When I look at images created by other photographers that I admire the last thing I want to know is about the gear they used, the questions I always ask is......what was in your mind when you took this. However like many photographers I too am seduced by the prospect of new gear and the possibilities it may present,.....but of course it’s all an illusion. Becoming a better photographer is all about spending more time thinking about what you do rather than spending more cash.
But having said that I would still love to have a shiny new A7R4 with all its lovely 61MP goodness.

michaeljin's picture

If you have an A7RII and you don't have a professional or creative need for 61 megapixels, there's nothing to look at here except for better ergonomics. You're probably better off getting yourself an A7RIII and saving a bunch of money if you are looking for an upgrade since there's arguably a bigger difference from II to III than there is from III to IV.

use a cellphone, same pictures

michaeljin's picture

You're an idiot.

you are an idiot

Now, now. You're both idiots! LOL

michaeljin's picture

+1 for accuracy.

Eric Robinson's picture

You obviously didn’t read or understand my post. I have an A7R3!.......and no a phone won’t do what I need from a camera like an A7R3. Phones as cameras are fine for some images, but not for the images I take. As regards the photographic lust for 61 MP, that’s all it is is lust nothing else.

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