The First Half of 2020 Will Brings Lots of Mirrorless Announcements From Canon

Canon is slowly filling out its mirrorless line, but there are still some cameras and lenses that photographers are waiting to complete their kits or to justify switching. The good news is that Canon seems to be planning a lot of releases for their mirrorless line in the first half of 2020.

Canon Rumors is reporting that Canon is planning to announce 4-6 new RF lenses in the first half of next year, helping to further fill out their mirrorless line. So far, Canon's mirrorless lenses have been very well received, highly lauded for pushing the boundaries of lens design and for their high optical quality. Still, most of them are quite expensive and rather bulky, and there are not that many lenses in the lineup available yet, so surely, photographers will be happy to see more options come to the market. The company will also announce a high-resolution mirrorless camera, the replacement for the 50-megapixel 5DS and 5DS R DSLRs, which will be able to take advantage of the RF line's high-quality lenses. The flagship professional model still seems to be far off, however. 

Head over to Canon Rumors for more on Canon's upcoming plans.

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Paul Farace's picture

Lol....that was quick...

Deleted Account's picture

To bad Canon had two mirrorless mounts. Unlike Nikon. The M mount will never get L class lenses.

Ronnie Mayo's picture

Its a shame they dont have a decent body to pair with those great lenses.Maybe Ill switch back when they make a good body, maybe.

Joel Hernandez's picture

I would say people that own the 5D mk3/4 and the new Eos R would say the Eos R is a decent camera...

In fact, reading comments online, many people prefer to use their Eos R instead of their 5D mk4.
Of course, it all depends on what you shoot. I am sure both of us know the advantages between both of Canon's systems.

Bobby Z's picture

" The flagship professional model still seems to be far off, however". So nothing in 2020 to compete with Sony, Fuji.

J. W.'s picture

For most people the flagship at Canon has been the 5 Series, the 1 series has been a sports and photojournalist camera due to speed and lower resolution.

Steven Feinsmith's picture

Nope, you are wrong! Professional photographers are frustrating with Canon and Nikon for new DSLR. They think we will use mirrorless, but they recognized they made a destructive mistake. Now, they rushed to restore DSLR. I tested mirrorless cameras and found out it was lousy and not fit for professional photographers because of a lot of trouble-prone electronics. The EOS 5DS and 5DS R are not dead as they will be coming late 2020 with a higher resolution full-frame sensor with a new cooling system. Canon decided to stop with 5DS not 5DS R possible renamed as 5DS X. I discovered RF lenses had false focal length and maximum aperture size. The RF lenses are not success ahead of time. Kudos to Canon decided to develop for EOS 1DX Mark III with a hybrid feature (mirror or lock-up mirror with electronic view monitor). It is likely for 5D Mark V, and other 5D series included R. The reason is for Canon and Nikon into mirrorless to confront against Sony. It will be good enough for a novice to advance users but NOT for professional photographers.

Loath to any mirrorless cameras and JUNK Z and RF lenses!

Also, newly posted on Fstoppers stated: Canon Says There is Still High Demand for DSLRs, Which May Delay Professional Mirrorless Model. Finally, Canon is doing the correct path. Let us give full support for DSLR!!!

Kudos to a photographer bought his vintage large format camera with film to the Trump Impeachment Hearing. I fully support the film with blessed.

Remember one thing FILM IS NOT DEAD! THEY COMING BACK AGAIN! included Polaroid.

Kodak/Alaris, where is my Kodachrome with K-14 processing, Vericolor III (VPS), and Infrared (HIE and EIA). We want it back because they are NOT replaceable!

Pieter Batenburg's picture

The Canon Eos 1 series is aimed at sports journalists which is just about the most conservative niche of photography. Since these cameras are really expensive, don't pretend that this is a large market because it isn't compared to other parts of the camera market. For most people these cameras are too bulky and expensive and the resolution too low for some portrait or landscape shooters.

The camera is just one part of a very complicated system, which often consists of a chain of cameras, edit station, remote access and remote controlled cameras, tons of lenses and flashes.

You cannot compare it to other parts of the industry. Plus a lot of agencies have thousands of cameras, lenses, flashes and other equipment which all have to replaced and tested.
This has nothing to do with mirrorless or d-slr but more with not a lot to gain since the system works and lots of expenses.
It is far easier for a studio or landscape photographer to switch to another system than for an agence with millions of dollars in equipment.

And this niche might be the only real market where Canon is still king.