A First Look at the Fujifilm X-T3

While Canon and Nikon received both a lot of excitement and criticism for their recent entrances into the mirrorless market, Fujifilm also released the X-T3, the third iteration of their well-received line. This great video takes a first look at the new camera, and it seems like quite the winner.

Coming to you from Lok Cheung, this video gives a first look at the new Fujifilm X-T3. The X-T3 comes with marked improvements in both resolution and autofocus, an 11 fps continuous shooting rate, dual UHS-II card slots (meaning you won't be held back by the slower slot), a weather-sealed body, and UHD 4K/60p video with f-log gamma and 10-bit out. While a few years ago, the difference between an APS-C and full frame camera would have been enough to make a major difference in a lot of professional work, in between their camera bodies and lens lineup, Fujifilm has done a remarkable job at creating an APS-C line deserving of professional status, and at $1,499, the X-T3 is a great deal. Overall, Cheung seems very impressed with the camera, summarizing it as a piece of equipment that "has everything it should have." Check out the video above for his full thoughts. 

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Timothy Turner's picture

How about showing some "good" quality photos such as portraits or still life to get a better assessment of the camera's ability.

Leigh Miller's picture

LOL.....never gonna happen. The roster of people who get access to new cameras are largely non-photographers...make of that whatever you will :-)

Timothy Turner's picture

I agree, I am not a pro photographer, however I think a better more comprehensive review would be helpful, thanks for the reply

Leigh Miller's picture

Oh I'm with you man...

Fact is that most of these reviewers are NOT photographers. They get used because of a real or perceived wide reaching audience.

Can't spit-shine a hog.

Alex Cooke's picture

It’s a first look; he only had a brief amount of time with the camera. More comprehensive reviews are on the way.

Blake Aghili's picture

I did a beauty shoot with Fuji X-T2 ( the model before this X-T3 ) and Nikon D-850 ( so same model, same light, everything ) and I did like the skin tones that came out of Fuji much better than D-850 .... Definitely planning to get the X-T3 .. but X-H1 ? meh

Aaron Bratkovics's picture

The color is crazy. I agree.