Five Reasons Why One Photographer Prefers Fuji Over Other Brands

Now, more than ever, photographers have their choice of a vast range of brands with tremendously capable equipment capable of helping them realize whatever creative visions or professional needs they have. As such, it can be a bit tough deciding which brand is right for you. This great video features one photographer discussing five reasons why he prefers Fuji cameras for his work. 

Coming to you from Andrew & Denae, this great video discusses why he prefers to use Fuji cameras and lenses for his work. Personally, I think that no matter what brand you buy nowadays, you will get a highly capable system that can handle a wide range of situations, but at the same time, that does not mean that there are not advantages and disadvantages between all the manufacturers. One thing I have always loved about Fuji cameras is their design. While they are certainly attractive in their throwback look, they are also highly functional, putting all the most fundamental controls right at the photographer's fingertips in very intuitive ways. They are also just plain fun to shoot with; in fact, they are the most fun I have had with a camera. Check out the video above for Andrew's full thoughts, and if you shoot with Fuji cameras, be sure to let me know what it is that you like about them in the comments. 

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super steel_'s picture

'why I switched from x to y"
and "why I like a vs b"

is very tiring and nonsense. really you guys need to come up with some better articles in this period with so much time on your hands and should bring some productive articles.

it really drops your quality down a few notches every time you do these articles to instigate and poke.

maybe its a way for you to add sponsored links...

Luke Adams's picture

When I had the XT-2, I found it the "least" fun to shoot with compared to other camera brands I'd owned. You just couldn't trust the thing to nail focus in important situations. I'm sure times have changed somewhat, but it still seems that Fuji is at the bottom of the pack in mirrorless for focusing speed and accuracy - perhaps better than Panasonic and the Sigma maybe?

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I literally laughed when I read the headline.

Mark Hamilton's picture

Who cares, christ just go out and shoot.