The Fstoppers FlashDisc Is Back In Stock

The Fstoppers FlashDisc Is Back In Stock

7 years ago I created a portable softbox that could fit in my pocket while I shot weddings. Three years ago, Patrick and I attempted to patent that idea and bring the product to market. In December of 2013, we put our first 1,000 units up for sale on Fstoppers and sold out within 24 hours. 10 months later we finally have our second order of 5,000 units and they are currently up for sale on Amazon

The product actually went on sale late last night without us knowing. We have been producing before and after images using the FlashDisc and a video that goes over all of the potential uses but neither of them are quite ready yet. This post is for those of you who have been waiting patiently for our stock to get replenished and you already know exactly what it is. 

This particular version (we are calling it version 2) is a slight upgrade from the original. The overall build of the product is slightly better and the sides are more reflective so light will not spill as easily. 

We are still trying to figure out international shipping. Apparently, if we want to ship our product to another country via Amazon, we must pay to have our product held in a warehouse in that country. As you can imagine this is incredibly complicated and expensive. If you really want the product right now and you don't live in the USA, I highly suggest the website You can ship the product from Amazon to them, and they will ship it to you anywhere in the world. 

We will be posting more about the FlashDisc as we finish our promotional material so stay tuned!

You can buy the FlashDisc right now at Amazon, and if you already have one, we would really appreciate a review on our products Amazon page. 


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Amazon (the US site where this is sold) DOES NOT ship to Canada.
Any other way I can order?

At the moment the link I provided in the article is the only way:

Oh! I've just read the rest of the article. I'm going MyUs then.

I've been waiting for this moment.
Just got my hands on one :P

i bought one to try it out, but it looks pretty simple. Thanks for finally getting these in stock somewhere Lee :)

Are you going to be selling it in the UK?

Thx. I guess that makes some sense, but I need two of those and MyUs makes the whole thing outrageously expensive (50+50+10 setup + 40 shipping). It's like "pay for three and get two" deal.
I really hope that you make 10K of these one day and you spread the load around the globe (or just North of the Border). Gee! On a clear day, I can see the US (VT) from my office.

I think we can get some in Canada no problem. I'm reading about selling these abroad and it looks like we might need a European bank account, EU credit card, and VAT credentials to sell in Europe. We are heading back to Europe here soon so we might be able to get all of that but basically it is a much more complicated process than we thought.

I will certainly follow the news. Go Canada Go! Want 2!

Yeah Go Canada!! Ill take 2 as well.........

I'd love to order one to Canada as well. Please open it up to us up here :)

I can't wait to try this out. Thanks Lee.

i wish i could by them in france... :)

Is there a reflective surface on the back side (inside of the disc)? Intent would be to maximize forward bound light output.

Yes the back and sides are reflective and bounce the light forward


Thank you, your order has been placed. :-)

I've been looking forward to this, already ordered!


How about selling on eBay (with international shipping)?

ebay fees and rules are killing me (as a seller)

Probably a useful gadget. But it is so over priced as to not even be considered.

It's actually priced below other similar products and we may have to raise the price soon to cover our costs.

Seems fairly priced to me. I think few people realize how much goes into making something, even if the product is fairly simple. I'd be curious if you could make a behind the scenes video of bringing the product to market.

maybe slightly over priced but its innovative, smart and your not a giant corporation... on second thought... fair pricing :)

Just what I was looking for - a circular portable softbox at a reasonable price. Circular so as to give round reflections in the eyes - I hate seeing rectangles. Folding up so small is a super bonus. I'm in Canada (Vancouver) but shipped to my US postbox in Blaine WA.

just ordered one... "order within the next 17 mins and have it by oct 11" ahhhh ok! Guess I have a new friend for the wedding I'm shooting tomorrow! Thx

Try it with the details as both a rim light and key's awesome for quick shots of the shoes, rings, food, and other details

Just ordered mine! Super excited to try it out!

Just ordered a couple. Do you have any articles archived about how you've used them? Whether and how you adjust speedlight power settings, etc? I hope to use them for a variety of tasks, events, portraits, art reproduction, Real Estate. I'm trying to get more on top of using lighting. Thanks.

We are working on a video now

Just bought 2 of them cant wait to try them out.

I bought some on the first round, they work pretty well. Used them on product shoots and same a lot of space when moving from job to job. I have had a lot of other photographers ask were I got them.....wish I had a supply it would be some nice additional income.

AWESOME, thank you Fstoppers for making the flash disc Version 1, i used it for ring shots and baby shots... can't wait to buy two more of the new version... ill be posting an awesome review on amazon after i get the new versions... again super thanks for the 3 for $100 when version 1 came out

I really hope you can ship to the UK at some point soon as using MyUs is crazy expensive :(

We are working on the UK now. I'm not sure how much MyUs charges but there is a good chance after VAT and import duties the FD will be about $20 more than it is in the US Amazon store. I hope to have a new shipment in the UK by mid Jan 2015. Fingers crossed

+1 for UK availability. I could really use a few of these!

I want one really bad anyone will to send me one to the uk will pay all the shipping and stuff :D

germany !!!!!! please !!!!!! ;-)