Fstoppers Holiday Gear Guide: Gifts Between $200 and $500

Fstoppers Holiday Gear Guide: Gifts Between $200 and $500

Oh man, less than two weeks until Christmas and you STILL haven't finished shopping. It's ok everyone, we're in the same boat. That's why we are continuing to update our Holiday Gear Guide to reflect the best gifts between $200 and $500 so you can make a big splash with some amazing stuff stuffed in those stockings.

Also, up until the end of the holiday season, Fstoppers will be posting the raging-burning-explosivly-awesome deals that we find online that you just can't afford to miss. If there is anything we all love, it's saving money on the stuff we really want.

You can get to the complete list of products between $200 and $500 by clicking here, but below are a few of the standout ideas that we think you should consider for that special photographer in your life.

How to Photograph Real Estate Mike Kelley has mastered the "twilight look" for architecture, and now you can too with this 8-hour intensive training class. Learn everything you need to know to succeed in architecture and real estate photography from business to shooting to editing to delivery. You will find no other source of comprehensive architecture photography information than this DVD. [Fstoppers Store]


Manfrotto Video Tripod with Fluid Head Most video tripods are extremely expensive, but this one manages to stay low cost because it is not carbon fiber and integrates several plastic components and a less expensive fluid head. But less expensive doesn't mean not great! This tripod is extremely light weight and easy to operate. Fast setup, multi-function tilting pan head works fantastically, and it is a must-have for any video production. Works great with DSLRs! [B&H]


CamRanger If you do any tethering at all, especially if you want to use an iPad, you absolutely must own the CamRanger. If you plan to shoot architecture in the Mike Kelley style, then you CERTAINLY need one, because it makes the shooting day faster, easier and more fun. It's also great for video and in portrait studios so models can see how they are looking fast and wirelessly. Seriously, everyone needs one of these. [B&H]


Phottix Odin TTL Triggers Look, there is more out there than PocketWizard. If you want another option that maybe gives you more flexibility than the kind of triggers, then Phottix is an outstanding choice. Jaron swears by these, and the ability to actually see your groups and control all your lights from one LCD that makes a huge difference. These also have incredible range and reliability and work directly with the Mitros TTL flash (without an additional trigger). [Canon Connection | Nikon Connection]


Nikon 50mm f/1.4 Prime Every photographer needs a good wide open normal lens, and for the Nikon faithful, that would be the Nikkkor 50mm f/1.4. This is a must have for anyone with a Nikon camera. [B&H]


ONA Leather Brixton Bag We gave one of these away last month, and it was one of our most popular contests to date. That stands to reason that these bags are desirable, and I agree. If style is on the forefront of your mind, than a Brixton camera bag fulfills that desire. [B&H]


Click here to see our full list of gear selections


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If you're shooting tethred with capture one you can enable it to send to everyone with the capture one iphone/ipad app (which is free). Imo a better and "cheaper" way, since you get more than just a transmitter. On the downside - It requires a computer on locations.

The ONA bag truly looks great. I'd be willing to review it for free for the Swedish market. ;)

I'd be happy with any of those gifts… I have a good portion of the list already, but I'd be happy with doubles.

all crap....

With the exception of the work of Señor Kelley, this list is crap. That tripod is garbage for all but the most green of amateurs. Cam Ranger is an overpriced toy. The Odin series is unreliable and gets beat by its Strattos little brother in almost every way. The Nikon 50mm 1.4 is more than twice the price of the 1.8, and it's slower focusing and significantly softer wide open. The ONA bag is nice, but again it's WAY overpriced for what it is: a glorified messenger bag.

Come on guys. These are the most desirable toys you could dream up in this price range?

True, especially about the cam ranger. The cam ranger box is the TP-LINK TL-MR3040 (30$ on Amazon) with a slightly modified firmware and app - that's way too much overpriced.

Ahmet Ergun Doğan's picture

some of them are the things that lots of people have one already. you could add discount coupon of a photography stuff market