Fstoppers Reviews the AUKEY Ora Clip-On Cell Phone Camera Lenses

Fstoppers Reviews the AUKEY Ora Clip-On Cell Phone Camera Lenses

“The best camera is the one you have with you.” To an extent, that quote is correct, and with current cell phones having pretty good cameras built into them, this is usually a camera we all have with us most of the time. Sometimes, we find ourselves wanting more out of our cameras in the phone. With the current lineup of available add-on lenses for our mobile devices, we can capture some macro or even wider shots.

I was able to get my hands on the AUKEY PL-WD06 Ora Clip-on Cell Phone Camera Lenses and put them to the test on my iPhone 6s Plus. I was curious to see how much they could change my photos.

First impressions were solid: the carrying case is padded and solid to transport the lenses with a carabineer that I attached to the loop on the case and my jean belt loops. Also included is a cleaning cloth to wipe down any dust the lenses may pick up. The cleaning cloth is conveniently stored in the inside mesh pocket of the carrying case; there is a bit of room to store any items in there as well.

iPhone vs Wide-Angle Lens Attachment Comparison

After examining all the items, I put everything in the case and store it for use a few days later. I went over to a friend’s house and went exploring in the backyard to get some up-close photos of random things I came across. I noticed there was some dust trapped between the lenses, so the cleaning cloth was already put to use. At first, I used the wide-angle lenses to take a few snaps of the backyard and various other photos, comparing the photos without and with the AUKEY camera lenses.

I do keep my iPhone in a decently thick case, which the clip-on lenses fit over, but with the added distance from the thickness of the case, there was some vignette effect going on, so I took off the case to proceed. After a few snaps comparing the wide angle, I switched to using the macro lens only. The macro lens help was very apparent, as the iPhone couldn’t focus if it was too close to the subject without the AUKEY lens. I tried to keep the distance the same between comparison snaps, with a few photos going in closer to see how much I could do with the macro lens.

This was a bit expected, but a color shift is noticeable when using the AUKEY camera lenses. On some photos, I did prefer the color shift, while a few others, I didn't. This isn't a deal-breaker for me, but it is something to keep in mind. All images are straight from iPhone without any additional editing.

iPhone vs Macro Lens Attachment Comparison

What's Included

The AUKEY PL-WD06 set includes the 2-in-1 lens set, the lens clip, carrying pouch, cleaning cloth, and the 24-month warranty card. The 2-in-1 lens set is comprised of a 120° Wide Angle Lens and the 15x Macro Lens, which are made of aluminum alloy and multi-element coated glass to minimize reflections and lens glare.

What I Liked

The carrying pouch was the first thing I liked, being able to transport the items in a convenient pouch attached to my hip with the carabineer. The carrying pouch also fit in my front pockets for those who would rather transport the set there, unless you are wearing skin-tight pants. The lens clip features rubber padding on both sides to prevent any scratching of your phone. There’s no point in using an item to help with your photos if it will damage your phone.

With the wide-angle lens, distortion is very minimum, which is good, as long as you line it up fairly centered on your phone lens. I also didn't notice much softening on the edges, but it was apparent when using the macro lens. 

What I Didn’t Like

This one is very minor: the carrying pouch is convenient, but a bit bulky and could be slimmed down a bit, especially if the two lenses could be stored separately. However, that would make the case longer, so it comes down to personal preference, which doesn’t make or break picking up the pouch. Also, I am not sure what else I would store in the case, so the extra room doesn’t really do much for me. Maybe it would be a benefit in your use.

The only problem and aspect of the kit that bothered me was the bottom lens cap, as it only fits on the macro lens. If you decide to use the AUKEY for only macro shots, this leaves your wide-angle lens attachment vulnerable, as the thread size is different. This also means you can only use the wide-angle lens with the macro lens attached. I’m not sure if you would even be able to use it without, as I tried to snap a photo with the lens hovering over my phone's camera with no luck in focusing.

More photos

iPhone vs Wide-Angle Lens Attachment Comparison

iPhone vs Macro Lens Attachment Comparison

With Wide-Angle Attachment

With Macro Lens Attachment


The AUKEY Ora Clip-on Cell Phone Camera Lenses are a great little set to add to your arsenal if you love using your phone to take photos, especially if you wish to get more creative with your phoneography skills, capture more of the environment, or get closer to the subject. I would recommend the AUKEY lenses to anyone who loves taking photos with their phone. You can purchase them here.

Here is some slow-motion video captured with the AUKEY camera lenses. Feel free to follow me on Instagram as I will continue using them.

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Looking at the photos in the article, it looks like the lens attachment seems to reduce flare and in some photos improve contrast better than the Apple lens when shooting toward a light source. Would that be a good assessment?

Yes for the lens flare, the contrast not so much of a noticeable difference to me. I would say its like the color shift, where some photos I liked it more and the others I didn't.

Nah, can't see the point in this. May as well just carry a small camera with proper lenses.

You don't see the point in paying $22 to expand the capability of your already great smartphone camera, versus spending hundreds to carry an additional camera and lenses for that? I think many will get the point in this. Most people don't have a great deal of money to drain into a photography hobby, so why not make use of what you've got?

It's a personal choice to use such things, for sure. Just not mine.

I would love to see a comparison between Moment's lenses, (https://momentlens.co) the Ollo-clip range (https://www.olloclip.com) and these. This review adds another option...

Picked up this lens and the fisheye a few weeks ago, and it works great for the price. It's much larger than most of the clipon lenses that I have seen, yet it still easily fits in my jacket pocket. Was well worth the purchase.

The macro is worthless beyond a novelty. I would think a better kit would be one that includes a telephoto. More often, that is what a phone user wishes--to get closer, more zoomed in. Even a wide angle wouldn't be used as much, as phone cameras tend to be a bit on the wide side as it is.

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