Fuji Scraps 33mm f/1.0 Lens, Announces Development of 50mm f/1.0 Lens

Fuji Scraps 33mm f/1.0 Lens, Announces Development of 50mm f/1.0 Lens

Fujifilm has been working on development of an extreme lens, a 33mm f/1.0, for its X-mount mirrorless cameras for a little while now. However, the company has announced that they have canceled development of the lens in favor of a new 50mm f/1 lens. 

Fuji's popular X series of cameras is known for having a lot of quality glass. However, Fujifilm's Head of Product Planning, Takashi Ueno, announced that the 33mm f/1.0 prototype had become increasingly large and heavy, tipping the scales at 45.8 oz (1,300 g) and requiring a tripod foot to lend it stability, making it simply too unwieldy for practical use. In its place, the company has announced development of a 50mm f/1 lens (75mm equivalent) that they say will come in under 31.7 oz (900 g). At two pounds or less, such a lens would be a reasonable size for a premium portrait lens and would certainly be an interesting option for wedding and portrait photographers. Of course, the company already has the much beloved XF 56mm f/1.2 R lens, but an f/1 lens would offer an additional 2/3 of a stop beyond that and possibly add image quality improvements with Fuji's latest research and development going into it. It's certainly an exciting time for Fuji shooters! 

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Leigh Miller's picture

mmm I would have gone for the 33mm personally...would have been awesome for environmental shots and video...

If it was too big they should have just made it a f1.2

Yes. I'd be way happier with a 33mm f1.2 than with the 50mm f1.

Why? Because of the size?
They already offer the 56 f/1.2 which is a really good lens, which I own myself. Maybe it could do with faster focusing but optically it's splendid.

I probably would have bought the 33 f/1.0 but I can't see myself buying a 50 f/1.0 when I've already got the 56 f/1.2.