[Funny] The Best Nikon D4 Unboxing Video Ever

Yesterday we got a call from LensProToGo.com and they told us that they had gotten in the new Nikon D4. Both Patrick and I bought the camera but it isn't due to show up before Monday. LensProToGo said they would over night the camera to me so that we could get a head start on reviewing the camera and now I will be able to shoot a real wedding with it tomorrow. This is the unboxing video of our first Nikon D4

99% of the time unboxing videos are very uneventful however Nikon did surprise everyone by including a 16gb Sony XQD card and USB 3.0 card reader in the box free of charge. This is an extremely classy move by Nikon since the D4 is currently the only camera on the market to use this type of media.

If you are the type of person that likes watching people open up boxes then check out the "real" unboxing video below.

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You're killing me. I don't know if I want the camera or the meal more.

That wasn't funny at all

I can't believe I just watched that. Well done.

Sean Shimmel's picture

I'm a bit concerned... was that noise showing up in the midrange iso's? (or just salt?)

I like this guy getting rough with the XQD box. :)

I am considering moving to Charleston...the uneven distribution of toppings and burnt bun on the cheeseburger does concern me though!

Please do not let this single experience with Mcdonalds deter you from coming here. We have a fantastic Burger King just a little down the road which would have done a far better job at toasting the bun. 

Patrick Hall's picture

imagine if you had gotten a burger from the Downtown Mc'Ds.  I like how I'm at BH and somehow you still got the D4 before me...

A happy meal seriously? I don't even remember the last time I ate anything form Micky Dee's.  Where was the 'uhh' & 'umm' counter in this little presentation? It's got some buttons and stuff....that's great.

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FYI for all the Canon peepers... BK just released the 5D MKIII unboxing

I may have to do that next, I hear you get a crown

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... and a free version of Alien Skin's Blow Up 3  ;)

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During the video, at least 3 times I though "why am I watching this?". But it was pretty awesome haha. Reminds me of too many unboxings. Great job!

I'm getting hungry. I never watch an unboxing again. 

@RLMorrisPhoto:disqus : Damn you! It's 22:30 PM in Poland and I seriously need a burger now...
@Nikon: Nice touch with a card and a reader!

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"My assistant got me the cheese burger, it is the upgrade to the burger" 


Well done!  Very well done!  Oh, and I would not have been happy with the uneven ketchup/mustard/onion spread either.  

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So the D4 has a filter designed to prevent a moire effect, but the box itself produces one? very interesting XP

It's got some buttons and... stuff.

I thought there was going to be a My Little Pony toy in the Nikon box

I can'tbelieve I watching the whole damn thing, now I want a cheeseburger though.

It was a pleasure meeting you. What a thrill "test driving" the D4 was!!!   I love the site and will be back often.  Cheers. 

I might have to invest in a happy meal now...