[Gear] iPad3 = Happy Photographers

[Gear] iPad3 = Happy Photographers

While drinking my morning coffee, happstr (a curious little site that helps you find your happy place) asked me, "What makes you happy?" My wonderfully supportive and beautiful wife? A photo career that nurtures my soul? Having the freedom to live anywhere and do anything I want? And then it hit me. It's the 9th and exactly one week from today, Apple's "the new iPad" will be on the shelves. You know you're a gadget fanatic when...

Sure, all those other things are great too but my wife can't display my portfolio in stunning 2048×1536 resolution on a 9.7 inch retina display that packs 4 times more pixels than the iPad 2 and 1 million more pixels than an HDTV. And with it's new 5-megapixel iSight camera, featuring a backside illuminated sensor and a five-element f/2.4 lens that records HD video in full 1080p, who needs to carry around a bulky Nikon D800 or Canon 5D Mark III?

Kidding side I love my iPad. It contains my entire photography portfolio, supports my contracts/model releases, issues invoices/takes credit card payments, and is able to tether it to my camera, for client viewing. It has become my laptop replacement, while on the road. New apps like Photoshop Touch and iPhoto makes editing photos for blog posts, easier than ever before. And with so many wonderful photography apps to explore and more being released everyday, owning an iPad really is a no brainer, for photographers.

There is a downside to the new iPad's amazing resolution though and I'm not talking about the price tag. For your online photos to look their best on the new iPad, you're now going to have to upload high resolution shots. This takes time, space and opens the door to the possibility of having your best works stolen for unauthorized use.

The iPad3 or "the new iPad", as they are calling it, comes in black 16GB, 32GB, and 64GB and white 16GB, 32GB, and 64GB.
Now all I have to do is sell off my iPad 2.
From Kenn:
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Davide Solla's picture

It seems totally identical to the previous version, but the screen resolution is something incredible...

You are very much right.  The iPad2 is amazing, so, improving it couldn't have been easy.  The new one is a tad thicker to make the retina display possible, but less than a millimeter is no bother.  The new iPad will be considerably faster, have a wicked display, a better camera and connectivity options.  Honestly though, the display alone should be worth it.  But I feel ya.  

I don't think I'll be picking this up. I'm waiting for x86 Windows 8 tablets to roll out, since they can run any PC program under the sun.

Can wait to get one, unfortunately, not easy at the time...but indeed, a really great device. Even the iPad2 is a great machine and very updated for the needs of today.

I'm still processing the fact that this iPad has no number. It's just the new iPad. Strange move.

Actually, I don't think that's strange at all. Lets see the iPod example. They are known by generations and models. So, if rumors are true, about new kinds of iPad's (iPad mini?) they must get rid off the numbers. 
And other thing, numbers can be also a bad thing, like the "4S", so I think even the next iPhone will be only "the iPhone", because even the next one, people already think he's gonna be the Iphone 5 when he's actually the 6th generation... And other bad thing is people thinking that 4G ( 4th generation) stands for network speed... so I think that Apple are following the "K.I.S.S" principle :)

Remy Musser's picture

the screen resolution's great, but that's not enough.

Apple still forgot to add, micro sd card slot, usb port...
I'll stick to my A500

icie's picture

I understanding using the iPhone for taking photos, but am still not sure if using the iPad as a camera is any better as an alternative in terms of ergonomics and size compared to using a DSLR. Especially since the camera inside is basically the same as that in the iPhone.

I dont get where the article veers into having upload high res shots online to show people. Why dont you just get a smart portfolio app, there's quite a few of them like. And just upload your shots from your computer and store them on the ipad? Genius :D

 I think they might be referring to other people using <i>their</i> iPad to view your photos online.


What model release app do you recommend for the iPad?


I use Photographer's Contract Maker(iPhone) but it's the only one I've tried.  So, I wouldn't specifically recommend this one for any particular reason.  There are a ton out there.  Read up on their features.  I feel like most are relatively the same.  For me, as long as it allows me to edit the contract as I see fit, allows clients to sign right on my ipad/iphone, retains client info, and instantly e-mails a copy of the signed contract to my clients, then I'm happy.

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