[Gear] Before the Pro Stuff, A Few Last Words for the Little Guys

We're all waiting for the Nikon D800 and Canon 5D Mark III -- no question. It's around the corner, but this week, if you're looking for a new point-and-shoot or mirrorless camera, we have plenty of those: the last few manufacturers are 'catching up' on the mirrorless front. So here's an overview of what happened this week, and cross your fingers for February 7th!

Pentax K-01 Mirrorless Camera (Pre-order Here):

Pentax announced its new mirrorless camera, the K-01, this week. I think it looks like a cross between a kid's toy and something from the 80s...it definitely looks like Ikea might have put it together. Then again, it was designed by an actual industrial designer, Marc Newson. Plus, he's Australian (is that still a thing for the ladies that might be reading?), which might be good for Newson, but I'm so sure the ladies will enjoy the kid-like buttons and robotic pop-up flash. Others have used the word 'sexy,' but I'm not so sure I'd apply that here...

Pentax used the same 16MP sensor from very similar to that of the K5 and left owners with only an LCD screen through which to compose and shoot through. Perhaps the best part (and only exciting part, unfortunately...meet me in the comments section if you disagree) is that it's the first mirrorless camera to accept a previously existing SLR lens line-up, as it makes use of the K-mount -- and that opens up the system to over 200 lenses in addition to the premiered 40mm pancake lens. There's a new processing engine, dubbed M Prime, but aside from that, I'm sorry to say there's nothing much new here.

If you happen to have a lot of Pentax lenses, do check it out, though. And here's a link for the full press release.

The body and 40mm pancake, system-dedicated lens cost $899.95, together, (on Amazon). Alone, the body will cost about $750, and you'll pay a rather hefty premium of $100 if you get the 40mm pancake lens separately at $250.

Sony Cybershots:

Sony introduced new Cybershot point-and-shoot cameras this week. Nothing too new here, except there's one new introduction that promises DSLR-like focusing speeds, even in low light. It may be worth a second look.

Panasonic TS4 (Pre-Order Here):

Panasonic released several new P+S cameras, too. We don't care about most of them, but they did release a replacement for the TS3, which was the replacement for the TS2 that's been in the camera section of the Fstoppers Gear Guide for some time now. It's a great little camera that can take a few hits on the weather front. So if you're thinking of something for those ski trips, surf trips (in case you live in California like I do and are snow-starved this year), or Everest climbing expeditions, look into one to document of your trip without worrying about your camera being crushed or drowned.

Nikon P510 and P310 (Pre-Order the P510 or P310):

Nikon wasn't left out in releasing a few new Coolpix cameras, either. Most notably, the Nikon P510 features a monster 42x optical, image-stabalized (you're gonna need it!) zoom. I don't know who can use that -- you'd need a tripod -- but you won't be wanting any more, that's for sure. The lens gives an equivalent of a 24mm-1000mm lens. Crazy! -- literally. It also features an adjustable LCD screen, but I always see those as another thing to break, personally.

The P310 is Nikon's answer to low-light point-and-shoot photography, featuring an aperture as wide as f/1.8. Nothing else too notable, here. Here's a press release if you want more.

The Rumor Mill:

Patrick covered a possible Nikon D800 image earlier this week. It's almost out, everyone. Just hang in there! I'd say you don't have to worry about holding your breath now, but then I might get sued. Soon enough, though...

The Canon leaks haven't been as telling, but we do know a little. Either way, you won't have to wait much after the D800 to get the info on the 5D Mark III (if it even takes that long...).

It feels like the Olympus OM-D EM-5 is already out. There have been quite a few leaks on it -- the most recent of which includes an image from a product brochure from this blog.

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I thought the Pentax Q was their first mirrorless?
And they must have been on a lot of drugs when they decided that was a good look.

The Pentax K-01 doesn't have the same sensor as the K-5. I spoke to the Pestaxrepresentative here yesterday to clear this out.

According to him it was a new sensor developed to be able to beter handle the live-view on the K-01. Since it has no viewfinder you're solely put at the mercy of the lcd, so they needed a sensor with a faster read-out. He also said that this would improve the videofunction.

And yes, I would consider the Q as their first mirrorless.

It's teh first mirrorless that uses the k-mount...