[Gear] Save $840+ on Wi-Fi for the Nikon D4!

[Gear] Save $840+ on Wi-Fi for the Nikon D4!

Via NikonRumors, this is something everyone should know about: a do-it-yourself $30 wifi kit for the Nikon D4! It really speaks for itself. Read on for the details. Who knows, maybe something similar could be done for the 1D X. I wouldn't be surprised at all...

This is what NikonRumors had to say:

The NR reader Voudas sent me this inexpensive alternative for controlling your NikonD4 camera through WiFi:

"The idea was to connect the small VAP11G portable WiFi bridge device (available on eBay and Amazon) to the D4's Ethernet port in order to use it through WiFi. I setup the Ethernet connection of the D4 and then used the VAP11G device to connect through my WiFi. I then used my laptop and iPhone to check the WiFi connectivity with the D4. It worked like a charm!

The limitation of the device is that it didn't act as an access point - it would always need an established WiFi network, but the important thing was to prove that the price of the WT-5 price is ridiculously high ($877) and the VAP11G does the same thing for around $30. This limitation could probably be eliminated with the Asus WL-330gE wireless access point."

Hear's a link to get that bridge device on Amazon.

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I knew this would happen, I'm just surprised it happened this fast. Within a few months I bet there will be one that works the exact same for $99. The markup on this is crazy and that opens the doors for third party profit.

April fools?

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Since wireless solutions from the manufacturer themselves are so pricey I've been keeping an eye on WiFi alternatives - there are a few around - be it for tethered only or additional functionality. (Currently shoot a D200 - no EyeFi cards)

One of the problems with this and others is power - can get cumbersome if you add a battery pack.Not such a problem if the camera is static, but is when using it for mobile tethered shooting.