[Gear] See Every Hair, Every Pore, Every Strand of DNA (A 4k Display)

[Gear] See Every Hair, Every Pore, Every Strand of DNA (A 4k Display)

If you are not a seriously hardcore, professional editor then I doubt you will give the Eizo FDH3601 a second glance. With it's 4k display that supports a resolution of 4,096 x 2,160 pixels or the equivalent of four 1080p displays in a 36.4 inch frame, this monitor would be the perfect companion for Canon's 1D C, C500 or any high res shooter. The display delivers 100% sRGB coverage color gamut as well as perfect tone reproduction across the screen. There is a 16-bit lookup table supporting up to 278 trillion colors. The maximum brightness is 700 cd/m2, the contrast ratio is 1,000:1 with a response time of 8ms. That all sounds great so why would only the seriously hardcore professional editor be the only ones looking at this marvelous display? I can give you 35,700 reasons. pssst... that's the price for our slower readers.

via [OhGizmo]

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Do want.

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I'll have to wait for the $999. 99 Apple 4K Cinema display. Too much $$ for me.

When will that ship ?

Seriously, who in their right mind? 

That's one bad ass display, but a 1,000:1 contrast ratio? 

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 Contrast ratio = from the blackest black to the whitest white how many tones are recorded in-between it is a common misconception that we need to look for the highest contrast ratio. 1000:1 is actually more than we need as humans.

Scenario: You can have a £500 40" TV with a 1000000:1 Contrast ratio and a 24" Monitor with a Contrast ratio of 1000:1 cost you twice as much. Why? Because I guarantee that TV will have a very dark grey when you expect a grey and I bet if you put a piece of white paper against the whites you will be disappointed!

I used to work in an Electrical retail store, I got trained on this "jargon"

It is a common joke that a TV with a ratio above 1000:1 will only impress your dog!

To be fair only my dog can watch the bullshit on TV nowadays.

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 Connect the TV to your computer. Ditch cable.

i'll take two to go thanks... :)

I worked as a video editor for quite a few years. Very high resolution monitors, not as hi-res as this one obviously, weren't the end-all, be-all. After all, the end viewers weren't going to see the program in such a hi-res way as the editor might be seeing it while cutting the show. Many editing facilities used, beyond the hi-res monitors there were using in their systems,  a standard TV so they could also see the show the way the viewers would see it. Sometimes, extremely hi-res is over-rated.

I'm guessing he means photo editor, not video. I'm a video editor myself and you're right, when simply cutting content there's not a lot of need for hyperpixels. That doesn't stop me drooling over this though...

I would gladly trade three 30" Apple Cinema displays for one of those... unfortunately that would only cover a fraction of the cost :(

I just want to check, is this not a 2K display? i'm just asking because 480p, 720p and 1080 are vertical resolution and not horizontal (so that quality isn't effected by different frames ie. 3:2 4:3 16:9 etc wide screen doesn't have more up and down but a wider field of view).  So a 4,096 x 2,160 is 2k? or have they changed it.

 Nope, it's 4k. 2k is only slightly larger than 1080HD, which has a horizontal resolution of 1920. 2k has a horizontal resolution of 2048.  Its popular to refer to horizontal resolution these days

thanks for clearing that up.

am I reading this right? 35,000 dollars? this is insane.

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35,000 dollar if its in zimbabwe currency then i take 10, but if its in american dolar...goddamn thats expensive, who would buy it? i dunno maybe james cameron or jj abrams for their future movie..haha

The new MBP's and iMac's are coming out shortly, the talk is retina displays in everything....sharp has even come out with a 32" super high res Retina S display, which could be like 3840x2160 or something like that.....possibly in an iMac or a Cinema Display....

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I wounder what the MS is on the display though, also color will look different when you show your work on a non 4K monitor, ports? how many new old?   Its all hype, just another new over priced product!

35k is not a bad price considering that the last monitor to come out with 4k was near the 100k mark. I don't see many people using it but if I start getting into more 4k video work 35k is nothing in terms to the amount I will be getting on return.