[Gear] Yat Lee Pairs a Phase One IQ180 with Vintage Lenses

As a fan of vintage gear, both photographic and otherwise, this is really cool to me. Drew Gardner recently interviewed Yat Lee, a photographer in Hong Kong, who instead of pairing his incredibly expensive camera with an equally awesome lens, chose to take another route.

Yat has had old cinema lenses, and even an old projector lens machined to fit his Phase One camera and the results are pretty cool.

Take a look at Yat Lee's Flickr page HERE and see what you think.




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RUSS's picture

:) AMAZING! :) well done.

Tobias Solem's picture

The cred should of course go to the technician who managed to adapt those lenses to a PhaseOne. That guy should be a millionaire. :)

I've been using Pentacon stuff on my P1, but this just looks fantastic!

Awesome work. The lens master does indeed deserve a lot of credit. Oh and keep in mind that not all of the images on the Flickr site were taken with the Phase One, many were taken with a Nikon, Sony, or Leica. My favorites were actually his images shot with the Leica M9.