The Genius "Astro: Time-Lapse And Motion Control" On KickStarter

The Genius "Astro: Time-Lapse And Motion Control" On KickStarter

Industrial Engineers, Oscar Ramírez and Carlos Pendas, have come up with what seems to be the most simple and intuitive motion controlled pan/tilt intervalometers I have yet to see, and looks like it will be a breeze to setup and use (even for a moron like myself). Simply put, the Astro has 3 controlling discs that you have to set: Top disc sets duration, middle disc controls the rotation, and the bottom disc sets the interval. Astro plugs right into your camera (via whichever cable you specify based on your model of camera) and runs on 2 AA batteries. Single units start at $180 and there are 5 packages available on the project page. Check it out, this really is a pretty cool little gadget. Enjoy! via Kickstarter

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shut up and take my money

shut up and take my money

Using a L bracket I think you may be able to get both a tilt and a turn, the Q would be what the set up looks like and how to set off the timers to ensure for synced up movements.

Chaim Perl: 

Like you thought, if you get the two Astro Pan&Tilt package, you can have them do pan & tilt. For syncing there will be a cable in that package. I'm not entirely sure if you can do the pan&tilt with just the Astro rings, but at least you can use the Astro App on your mobile phone to program them. It's supposed to have much more features than just the physical rings. Check it out.

I'm not associated to the Astro team, just a kickstarter backer who went trough all the specs and comments that I could find. Check the facts yourself, I take no responsibility. :)

Crap, There goes $200.

My wishlist just keeps longer and longer... 
Now, where's my kitchen timer...

Or for something even more basic, save yourself $155 and get the camalapse!

I hope one of these guys has patented this .. not identical but they have similarities..

Only good for a compact though.The Astro will take up to 5KG, I know where my monies going!

hi guys, i order these things 1 year ago and its still not shipped. anyone having the same problem?