The Good and Bad About Nikon Cameras and Lenses

Though it seemed doomed to linger behind Canon and Sony for a while, Nikon has made some serious steps forward in the mirrorless realm in the last year or so, and it seems full frame is a three-horse race once again. So, where does the company stand right now? This interesting video discusses the good and bad of Nikon's camera and lens lineup at the moment.

Coming to you from DPReview TV, this insightful video discusses the good and bad of Nikon's current position. No doubt, quite a few people felt Nikon had fallen behind Sony and Canon after camera releases like the Sony a9 and a1 and the Canon EOS R5 and R3, but the release of the Nikon Z 9 really brought the company back into the thick of things. Meanwhile, Canon went pedal to the metal with mirrorless lenses, releasing showstoppers like the RF 28-70mm f/2 L USM, while Nikon took a more pragmatic approach, choosing to release mostly f/1.8 primes and similar options, and though they have begun to expand that library more recently, it still needs some options filled out for sure. Nonetheless, it seems like the company is building a very respectable professional mirrorless line. Check out the video above for the full rundown. 

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Lets not forget that DP Review is wholly owned by Amazon since 2007. Once that happened, every single product they reviewed was minimally "Recommended".

Zero credibility.

While some of the conclusions can be a bit weird, they still one of the most useful review systems where they provide full res images and raw files. Not many review sites are willing to provide raw files, and worse, there are still sites where someone will "review" a 50+ megapixel camera, or a lens, and talk about the detail, but then upload a 1 megapixel image jpeg.
With that standard, the reviewer can literally just take images with a few kit lenses and budget primes, and claim they are reviewing some high end lenses, and at such a scaled down resolution, and no point of reference, there would be no way to tell.

With that in mind, while DPreview has its issues, they are still the best place to go to to get sample raw files, and full res jpegs, as well as the occasional test chart, where they will provide raw files of the test chart stuff as well.

At that point, even if you don't trust their words, you can make your own conclusions when you run the files through your own work flow and pixel peep to your heart's content.
It also allows the viewer to look into aspects of a lens that was not delved into much in a review. For example, even in light of some of the deficiencies of the Tamron SP 45mm F/1.8 Di VC USD, I ended up getting it because it met specific needs that I figured out by viewing and editing various raw files to see which limitations I could work around for a specific use case.

Well stated. I do find their so-called "reviews" useful for technical information and sites like Imaging Resource also provide the files, just without the bias.

Lol yeah I haven’t watched or read anything from so review in over 10 years now. A joke of a “review” site.

Only good for technical information.

Can any one tell me which does not have good and bad simultaneously? Is Canon 100% good? Is Sony 100% bad ? Is DPR 100% good..?
DPR must discuss under the same kind of title must discuss all brands including all formats- and F stoppers must publish them all..

Singling out a brand and titling “ Good and bad of ……” doesn’t mean the other brands are 100% good….!

They are creating similar "good/bad" videos for all major manufacturers. Based on this video, it seems that they like Nikon quite a bit.

The part I didn't understand was the fixation on f/1.4 primes. Nikon is making both f/1.8 and f/1.2 primes, plus the crazy-expensive "Noct" I guess their point is that f/1.4 is the optimal tradeoff? Seems very "nit-picky"

What's all the hub bub about? This is all just part of the competitive nature of companies. You'll see an up and down wave of "good and bad" for any company. As for reviews....I don't give a damn and don't bother reading them. If I want info on any camera, I will just go out and 'review' it in my hands.