The Good and Bad of Fujifilm Cameras

Fujifilm has established itself as a leader in the photography industry with cameras that have earned devoted fans from all genres. Just like any other company, though, there are good and bad aspects. What are the pros and cons of Fujifilm cameras? This excellent video essay takes a deep look at Fujifilm cameras and how they perform in a competitive world. 

Coming to you from Manny Ortiz, this interesting video discusses the good and bad of Fujifilm cameras. In my opinion, the best part about the company's cameras is their strong focus on the experience of image-making. Cameras like the X-T series have been long praised for their design that puts fundamental parameters back into physical controls. No doubt, it is a fun style of shooting that harkens back to cameras like the Canon A-1, but it is also a very practical method too. By keeping your focus on the creative process and removing the additional cognitive load of keeping track of menu settings and the like, you more engaged with your subjects and the actual photography rather than managing a machine. No doubt, it is one of the main reasons so many photographers praise the Fujifilm experience. Check out the video above for Ortiz' full thoughts.

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Sam Sims's picture

Fuji do offer an excellent photo experience, especially with the tactile dials. For me my personal gripe is I like to use manual lenses and zone focus a lot. I personally don't think aps-c works well for zone focusing - ymmv. For example, the Voigtlander X mount lens only go to 2m or 3m on the 35mm (7ft or 10ft) and it's quite a short throw from there to infinity. At least with my E mount lens I can focus to 5m before infinity. I often am focusing my Voigtlander lens to around 2-3m and using the near and far points of focus for the zone of focus. I would have bought into the Fuji system if they'd offered FF cameras.

Sam Sims's picture

Looks like we have a serial downvoter not keen to share their objections to three of the comments.

Ron Berman's picture

Your comment regarding Fuji's updates certainly doesn't pertain to the XH-1. This is still an excellent camera, but one that Fuji has abandoned and left out in the cold, with a few early updates and thereafter nothing, nada.

Jacob H.'s picture

I've used quite a few Fuji cameras (both X and GFX) over the past decade and I love their approach to dials and switches. However, Fuji really needs to step up their quality control. We've had quite a few malfunctions all related to manufacturing issues. Some of them even straight out of the box. When your GFX100 breaks down inexplicably twice in a few weeks, due to (as it later turns out) incorrect mounting of a circuit board, you start to question the reliability. Can't have that as a professional, so I switched back to Hasselblad's X2D and Nikon Z.

00rob00 Rob00Rob's picture

Great looking cameras but IQ especially colors... Nope

Mike Rubin's picture

I got my first SLR in 1981. I now have some cognitive issues due to a Chronic Illness and my X-T3 has allowd me to contine to enjoy photography.