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Grab an Aussie Camera Deal

Grab an Aussie Camera Deal
With all these Black Friday and soon-to-be Cyber Monday deals flying around the US, it would be easy to think that folks in the antipodes are getting left out of all the good deals. However, there are some great deals going on in Australia as well, so to my folks down under, jump in quick and take advantage of these pre-Christmas deals that are happening from major brands in Australia. 


Canon is running an up to $200 cash back on selected DSLRs, including the 5D series and a slew of other models. Not only that, but they're offering to double your cash back if you pick up lens or other qualifying product at the same time! This could be a great time to pick up a new Canon body and lens if you've been looking to upgrade. Full details here.


Nikon is also offering between $50 and $300 in cash back on selected cameras and lenses. Though not quite as deep as Canon's savings, some great gear (like the 14-24mm f/2.8) are seeing a decent reduction in price. Full details here.


This is where the real deals are at for Aussies right now, especially on the X-Pro2. Fujifilm is offering a $300 cash back on the purchase of an X-Pro2, but it gets even better if you pick it up from CameraPro; they're offering you a $300 gift card on top of that (this one is only valid until November 30th, so get in quick)! Not only that, but some of my most recommended lenses, like the 16mm f/1.4 and 90mm f/2 are also getting that same $300 cash back. Full details here.


Olympus are also getting in on the game this year and offering a $200 pre-paid visa card with select purchases. They're also giving away their "Travel Accessory Pack" with a camera case, luggage tags, memory card holders, and more. Not quite up there with the other manufacturers offerings, but then again, many of their cameras don't cost as much! Full details here.
So there you have it Australia, grab these deals while you can! 
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Dylan Goldby is an Aussie photographer living and working in South Korea. He shoots a mix of families, especially the adoptive community, and pre-weddings. His passions include travel, good food and drink, and time away from all things electronic.

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