Grow Your Prime Lens Collection the Right Way (Portrait and Wedding Photographers)

Katelyn James talks about why you need prime lenses in your kit bag and what is an essential purchase, based on her experience as a Canon wedding photographer. She shows you where to spend your hard-earned money and where to save.

Katelyn talks about the lenses she's purchased and where she uses them during a typical wedding day. Lenses covered include:

She then talks about the pros and cons of all her lenses and when you are going to use those lenses and in which part of the day.

It's interesting to see why certain photographers go for certain glass. Katelyn James is no stranger to creating successful imagery that stands out. My opinion is that for a wedding, prime lenses can hold you back from getting the shot if you're trying to focus on where you need to be to make the image. For this, I use zoom lenses. Emotion and capturing the moment trumps perfection every time for me.

It's an interesting debate. The RF range of lenses are some of the sharpest glass I've ever had the fortune to use. The video certainly raises interesting points, whether you agree with her or not.

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