A Hands-On First Look at the Canon EOS RP

The Canon EOS RP is Canon's latest entry in the full-frame mirrorless market and their second such camera overall. Meant to be a budget version of the EOS R, it's been generating a bit of a buzz around its feature set. This great video takes a hands-on look at the new camera, including both its pros and cons.

Coming to you from Lok Cheung, this video takes a hands-on look at the new Canon EOS RP mirrorless camera. Though its feature set is limited in some ways, it's particularly notable for being one of the cheapest and lightest full frame cameras to ever come to the market, and for those looking to get into full frame mirrorless or simply looking for a good option for a backup body, that makes it a very intriguing prospect. Of course, with the price and size, you'll lose out on some of the features from the next model up, the EOS R. In particular, videographers should take a very careful look at the specs before deciding if it's the right camera for them, but if you're a stills photographer and you don't need things like an ultra-high frame rate, it could be a great option. 

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Kang Lee's picture

I usualy defend Canon but the lack of 24fps in 1080P is indefensible

Marius Pettersen's picture

It's a bit silly.
I'm not too skilled with video, but isn't 25p workable?

Kang Lee's picture

It is but whyyyyyyyy, just remove that extra frame.

I kinda thought Canon would give in and add it. It's just silly to not include 24fps.

Francisco Eduardo de Camargo's picture

Canon knows it has a legion of loyal users as a result of years of good work but continues to explore the patience of users for easy profit.

Ryan Stone's picture

October 2019 headline: Sucky spec sheet camera outsells amazing spec sheet cameras due to actual photographers buying it.