Has Camera Conspiracies Found the Perfect Vlogging Camera?

Kasey Stern of Camera Conspiracies has for several years been on a seemingly endless mission to find the perfect vlogging camera. Has he finally found it in the shape of the IDOLCAM? As you might have guessed, it’s not that simple.

In this short video, Stern runs you through the pros and cons of this rather unique device. IDOLCAM is the brainchild of a tiny start-up based in California, and it’s certainly impressive that such a small company can compete with the likes of GoPro and DJI. The IDOLCAM uses a 1/2.3” Sony sensor that shoots 4K video perched on top of a three-axis gimbal, along with a 180-degree rotating touchscreen. The quality of footage and smoothness of stabilization makes it a very attractive option for vloggers.

The IDOLCAM definitely has a few flaws, though it gets impressively close to being the perfect camera, and you get a sense that minor refinements in future versions should get it even closer.

Stern picks out one of the (admittedly small) problems of the digital stabilization offered by the likes of the GoPro HERO8 Black, and there’s an advantage to the mechanical stabilization offered by the IDOLCAM. Have you experienced this wiggle?

Have you bought an IDOLCAM? Are you tempted to pick one up? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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Any idea of bitrate? or 4K sample video? Thanks

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I like when he says i'll make money but it will cost you nothing :)

It's great how he's only in focus when he's using a different camera.