Hasselblad, Phase One, or the New Nokia 808 Pureview?

Hasselblad, Phase One, or the New Nokia 808 Pureview?

Some might say we're a little iPhone-biased. Well, this might change some things. The new Nokia 808 Pureview has not 8, not 20, but 38 usable megapixels packed in its shell! It's a little thicker than the new iPad right where the camera is, but the rest stays remarkably thin. Even if it's $700 or more (according to eBay pre-order listings), I can't wait for a Nokia 808 v. Hasselblad H4D-40 shootout!

Okay, so the Nokia will lose. But it still has almost a 1" sensor! Not bad for a little pocket device. Sample images aren't bad either...a little fuzzy, but I'll bet they're sharp at any reasonable print size. Check some of them out below (click for full size).

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Nicholas's picture

Wow. Impressive quality.

48 Mpx that look worse than 10. What's the point?

You can put 100 Mpx in there, but you are still working with a crappy lens so it doesn't matter.

Thomas's picture

the megapixel is the camera marketers dream!

I wanna see the comparison! 

useless. the storage will be headache.

Albert Zablit's picture

Files are actually output as JPEG at about 5MP. There is one setting that allows all MPs to be used natively but from the sample files, they clock in at around 8-9MB in size each after compression.

I read an article a while back that explained that the image output was at a much lower resolution...that the extra was for oversampling the image to be able to "zoom" (crop) without degrading the output ... It's a creative way around the expense and size/durability issues of putting a decent optical zoom on a smartphone.

Adam Cross's picture

you're right, it outputs at about 5MP

Mark's picture

LOL!!! 38 megapx to get only 5 as jpeg??

this is explain something about Nokia recent disasters...

It actually explain your lack of understanding.

Read up on the gadget. It's quite smart.

Albert Zablit's picture

Check out the small preview offered by DPreview


I think the reason that it looks a little fuzzy is that it has a large depth of field, I looks like it could be over a mile

Remy Musser's picture

Amazing guys, keep on wasting your time on useless toys...

It looks like that you can scale the pics down to 5MB, but the normal pics with highres are about 30MB...

The detail! it's like a low end DSLR!

James Robertson's picture

Can't wait until people with these phones try a direct full res mobile upload to facebook

Who would even try that? That's an idiotic suggestion....Normal mode for this is in 8mp or 5mp PureView, so the image sizes are small enough, but still have amazing quality. Read about it!

The quality is actually fairly impressive for a cell phone.

I think it's time to jack in my D800, lol. ^_^

Will there be manual control?

At least at 30mb per photo, we might see less photos of peoples dinner etc. posted on facebook. 

Pixyst's picture

Don't see the point of this. On close examination, these are not good quality images and the space requirement will be high for no good reason.

Jens Marklund's picture

Seems like most people doesn't read the comments before posting.

Anyways, it's a good concept - that will hopefully get the smart phone cameras beyond P&S quality. Too bad it's a terrible phone with a dead OS.

These images are all taken with lots of light and still show too much noise. I will doubt until they show images zoomed in at max with low light.

عبدالله المعوشرجي's picture

It seems that there's a misunderstanding here regarding the camera's resolution, the phone can take full-res 38mp images (you can see the samples' resolutions above!), or you CAN (but not obliged to) downscale to 8mp, 5mp, 3mp, & 2mp images, for several reasons such as taking less memory, or more lossless digital zoom, or for more oversampling per pixel (to attain higher signal to noise ratios per pixel).

A camera with a real physical shutter (and a 2 stage shutter button), not electronic, a usable ISO range between 50-1600, a great f2.4 Carl-zeiss lens with 5 all aspherical elements with one of them being low depression glass! and with a real physical ND filter! with all of that being covered in the end with gorilla glass!

It takes full HD 1080p video with x4 lossless zoom, x6 at 720p, and an amazing x12 at 360p, with anti-shake & great low light performance.

The camera has both a xenon flash and an LED flash to give best results for both stills & video.

The phone surely cannot in the end compete with the Hasselblad or any modern DSLR for that matter, but the fact that it has brought the idea of competing with them is worth respect in my opinion.

What I see here is a great feat of design and engineering that competes easily with point and shoot cameras at least, and is incomparable to any smartphone's camera in terms of final image quality. and in the end of the day, you simply put it in your pocket, take it out, send it's amazing images via bluetooth to your smartphone to share it in instagram, or use it as an amazing navigation device.

I highly recommend reading DPreview's review, and Nokia's white-paper before you make a premature opinion. You'll be amazed. I for one am going to buy this amazing camera.