Here Come the Canon Full-Frame Mirrorless Cameras [Rumor]

Here Come the Canon Full-Frame Mirrorless Cameras [Rumor]

I don't think there's any topic that's producing more anticipation in the world of gear than the upcoming Canon and Nikon mirrorless cameras. And that anticipation is only going to heat up more with this news about Canon's upcoming cameras (yes, plural).

Canon Rumors is reporting that Canon is readying two full-frame mirrorless cameras for release in the first half of 2019, with one of the models being the top-of-the-line body in the new series. That model is supposed to be carrying a 30.4-megapixel sensor; the 5D Mark IV carries a sensor with that exact resolution, so there's a good possibility that this is the same sensor or a modified version of it. It's also being reported that both cameras will have 4K, though there's no information on things like crop factor yet. There's still no definitive news on the crucial question of the lens mount, though Canon Rumors has heard of a few different possibilities, which you can read about in the full article on their site. Either way, with Sony continuing to push ahead with excellent cameras at aggressive price points, it'll be very interesting to see how Canon and Nikon respond, and in particular, if they'll be able to leverage their massive lens lineups effectively. 

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If you go to Nikon Rumors, they've posted a lot of specs about the upcoming Nikon Mirrorless cameras, as well.

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Because both Nikon and Canon hasn' released anything newsworth.

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Really? You don't think so? I guess what qualifies as newsworthy is subjective.

My first reaction is that it was a trolling comment, but I can't think of the last newsworthy thing either company has done recently. There has been lens announcements, but no lenses actually out. Maybe the 5dIV and D850? That has been quite a while.

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First, I appreciate giving me the benefit of the doubt by asking.

It probably depends on your definition of "quite a while". I'm happy with the pace Nikon and Canon release new cameras and lenses. At the rate Sony releases cameras (they need to catch up on lenses so that's understandable), unless you're a gear collector, rather than an actual photographer who shoots for money and/or pleasure, what's the point? Sure, new stuff is great but it's getting ridiculous and it's just not sustainable.

Anyway, my two cents worth.

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I'm a Canon shooter and always have been. Perhaps "newsworthy" means relevant to Sam Fargo. I've been waiting for certain improvements from Canon, specifically, a notable dynamic range bump. When was the last time something like this was announced from Canon?

The 5D IV actually has very decent DR. Not Sony-level, but world's apart from their last generation of sensors. Easily enough that it won't hold you back in most situations.

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I hear this "DR" so much lol. Where are these photographers shooting? In a cave?

I do not think you actually know what DR is, by saying that.

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It's "Rumors Day" apparently. Rumors of the Nikon FF mirrorless, rumors of the Canon FF mirrorless, rumors of the Sony A7S III...

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I also heard a rumor that we’re putting up a Lindor banner where the LeBron banner was! That would be awesome.

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I am waiting for the new Canon DSLR

I am waiting for the new Canon SLR.

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Canon has to do several things to stem the tide of defectors:
1) Not hobble the 4k with some crazy implementation or mjpg for the format.
2) Release it THIS YEAR, not halfway through next.
3) Include IBIS.
4) Decrease the size of the body.

I appreciate that the size of the body can't shrink too much, if you wish to retain EF compatibility, but come on... Sony and Panasonic both have smaller bodies on top of the line cameras.

Personally, as much as I'm in love with my Panasonic mirrorless I'd give away the focus peaking and all the other really cool features for a good sized sensor and Canon-styled usability. It's simple and it works.

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I've never understood this desparation to reduce the camera body size, just because of mirrorless...

Did our hands suddenly get smaller?
Did all of our lenses suddenly get smaller and the laws of optics change overnight?
Did our camera bags all shrink - or is that 1cm less really going to free us up that much?
Will a slightly smaller magnesium body really be much lighter than a hand-sized body?
Do we all want smaller batteries for our smaller bodies so we can carry the spares in our pockets?

Give me mirrorless to save me calibrating the focus system, and to give me better focusing options, and less moving parts to go wrong. I'll even put up with an EVF to have that.

But give me something I can still hold.

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Give me something to hang onto. Something with enough heft that I can counterbalance with my head and body for stability. Maybe it's just me, but I find that these small, light camera's are difficult to hold with a "steady hand".

If you think mirrorless is only about size and weight then you don’t really know what you are missing.

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My point is that mirrorless is certainly NOT about size and weight. I'd be very happy with mirrorless ina 5D size body that is full of air.

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You obviously don't shoot sports. Have you ever seen a Sony a9 and Canon 1DX side by side; It will make you laugh at the brick that is the 1DX, not to mention the a9 is better in almost every other way as well. Now I wouldn't mind if the a9 was a little larger to fit my big hands, but when you have to take at least 2 camera bodies (sometimes 3) to shoot a game, it's a huge difference.

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Going mirrorless doesn't have too much to do with size, I suspect both Canon and Nikon will eventually have at least one mirrorless the size of the D5/1Dx, because a lot of people state they have "big hands" and need big bodies.

I think the move to mirrorless will ultimately have more to do with automated manufacturing with less human interaction.

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One nice thing about size reduction is the amount of room it takes up in your bag, which is great for people who travel a lot with their gear.

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100% I appreciate mirrorless advantages, but I don't mind those advantages in a regular, or slightly smaller form. Maybe use all that space savings to put in a big enough battery to last a while.

cameramanDop Shanghai Hong Kong's picture

Looking to Canon lineup with the C300 mk2 without 50p
The C200 with too small or too big codec
The non updated great C100mk2

The 5D4 with crop and non usable 4K codec..

I don't expect so much surprise with this brand on a DSLR Body.

On another hand, Sony have been producing many different iteration and test feedback from 7 different A7 A9 body with video, Gor the FS7 most wanted camera of the moment for last 4 years...
Panasonic break the deal with amazing codec (not so amazing sensor size, but still)

Fingers crossed, but I don't see this great competition coming... Canon and Nikon will release a very conservative camera... again.

You can't shoot pictures on a rumour. Based on previous behaviour, I expect Nikon to come up with something really good (like the D850) and Canon coming with something handicapped (as they always seem to do). They did it again with the Canon m50 which could have been awesome but no, they had to handicap the 4k footage.

But I hope that they will come with something really good because competition is good for all of us.

FYI, url for full article is broken ;)

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Thanks, fixed it!

Based on Canon's history, they will have one with several useful features, but it will have the same auto focus system as the original 5D. They will produce another with a good auto focus system, but they will cripple certain features. Then there will be another with some of those features, but others will be missing, so if you want a camera that can do a lot of things well, you'll need to buy all 3. Canon has always done this, and that's part of why I switched after years of using Canon exclusively.

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Is it possible to have:
- +/-7 dynamic range
- spot metering that meters off the selected AF point(s)
- double digit fps rate

and still remain under $4000? I'd take note of an announcement like that!

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