Here's What Canon Has Planned Next

Here's What Canon Has Planned Next

Canon recently released their corporate strategy for the next few years, and it sheds some light on where they plan to take their camera and lens business.

Some of the key points of the strategy include:

  • Leveraging their stable and strong camera market share and reputation as a springboard for new products and businesses.
  • Achieving sales of 1 trillion yen in the Imaging Group in 2025.
  • Maintaining their top spot in the interchangeable lens camera market and also achieving number one in the mirrorless category. 
  • Increase sales of the EOS R system via:
    • Expansion of camera and lens lineups to meet needs of all customers.
    • Addressing the specific needs of the growing market of video users. 
    • Increase the awareness of and comprehensiveness of EOS VR systems for expansion in the XR (AR, VR, and MR) space. 

None of this is particularly surprising, but it is interesting to see that the company intends to continue its aggressive expansion into the mirrorless sector in order to take the top market share. I do find their focus on XR interesting. We've seen increased interest in AR, VR, and MR spaces in the last few years, with all three poised to grow further, and it looks like Canon intends to be out front of that growth, which means we may see more specialized equipment like the RF 5.2mm f/2.8 L Dual Fisheye 3D VR lens down the line.

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Geeezzzz what an interesting article....

This is a terrible article. Just shameful. I'm completely p/o by your lack of respect for your readers. You should apologize.

None of these 'strategic' points focuses on customers / users, unless it serves the buzzword bingo game. It took them so many years to recognize that video is a thing that does not require their Cine line of lenses and camera equipment.

Yeah, I mean the 5D Mark II that introduced the entire concept of a stills camera that could also shoot professional quality video was finally released by Canon only 15 years ago when no one else had such a product. It's about time, wouldn't you say?

I wish that there was news that they are making a medium format camera. 😕

Meaningless, vague drivel. Example:

"Expansion of camera and lens lineups to meet needs of all customers."

OK, so I need a 48 mp full frame sensor clean through ISO 2400 bundled with an 18-300 f/2 lens for $150. Will you meet my needs?