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Holiday Gear Guide: Gift Ideas Over $500

Holiday Gear Guide: Gift Ideas Over $500

If your budget is over $500, you have a heck of a lot of awesome at your disposal. Camera equipment in general is pricey, but when you've got it to spend, you can really nab some nice stuff. We've compiled the absolute cream of the crop gift ideas that will set you back a lot of dough, but will not fail to impress come Christmas morning.

With this update, our Holiday Gear Guide is now complete! You no longer have an excuse for not knowing what to buy for that photographer in your life. Get on it!

Up until the end of the holiday season, Fstoppers will be posting the raging-burning-explosivly-awesome deals that we find online that you just can't afford to miss. If there is anything we all love, it's saving money on the stuff we really want.

You can get to the complete list of products between over $500 by clicking here, but below are a few of the standout ideas that we think you should consider for that special photographer in your life.

Sigma 35mm f/1.4 Lens Time was, you bought a Sigma when you couldn't afford a better lens. In the past five months, Sigma has completely turned that stigma and the photography community upside down, with the result that their 35mm f/1.4 is one of the best lenses on the market today. This is the ultimate gift that has jumped to the top of nearly every photographer's list. Be the ultimate giver and nab them this amazing lens. [Amazon | B&H ]


Manfrotto Video Tripod These things are pretty expensive, but they're worth every cent. Heavy, sturdy and with an amazing pan head these tripods are the kind you see professional grips and videographers using. For video, there is no better tripod. They work well for still too, if you have to use them, but their main purpose is spectacularly stable video shots. Must have for any aspiring videographer. [Amazon | B&H ]


Olympus OM-D We've been tough on Olympus in the past, but this is the camera that saved the company from what appeared to be certain doom. The OM-D is the best mirrorless camera on the market (it passed our tests with flying colors). This camera is so popular, B&H has a hard time keeping it stocked. With a low price and fantastic image quality and usability, this is the compact camera you should own. [Amazon | B&H ]


Apple iPad With Retina Display Nobody NEEDS an iPad, but I'll be damned if we don't all want one. The best interface on the market, more apps than any other tablet, and a simplicity of design that makes us all smile. Yes, we hate you Apple for making something we don't need and making us CRAVE it. Yet we love you. Don't stop making iPads. Oh, and did I mention that with an Eye-Fi card you can shoot wirelessly to the iPad no matter where you are? That's pretty sweet if you're a portrait photographer. [B&H ]


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Nitsan Simantov's picture

Must disagree about Manfrotto. The FC-270A kicks most manfrotto tripods in the nuts for a fraction of the price.

JaviER's picture

Title should be called 
Holiday Gear Guide: Gift Ideas of at least 1000 or close to 1000..nothing close to 500 here