How Does The iPhone 5 Camera Compare To A DSLR?

There was once a photographer who said the best camera is the one you have with you. Today that camera is probably the one built into your smart phone. But just how well does that old saying hold up when you compare say an iPhone 5 to a Nikon D3s or Hasselblad H4D? The guys over at Bammo have put all three cameras through the paces and the results might shock you. Find out which camera has the most resolution, dynamic range, and fastest ability to upload to Facebook.

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F'ing brilliant. Watched it 3 times and posted on my FB. Bravo dudes. W. Lawrence Stevens

Brilliant video! Now.. while people still kill each other to get the Hassie, i would quietly go away with the D3s xD

Hilarious. Well done!

This was great

Yeah, I had an LG Viewty, but lost it at a messy weekend in the snow. It had a german lens, only 5MP photos but TWO STAGE SHUTTER RELEASE! Every time I try to take a photo now using my 3MP smartphone and I miss the best shot because it wants to take a whole two seconds to focus.... I wonder why people haven't made an app with a simple on-screen button that you press to focus, and release to take. Not that hard... Unless the hardware doesn't allow it, then why not, seriously....

Try ProCamera. This has been my favorite camera replacement app on the iPhone for over a year now.

It would be good to see a comparison for portraits (headshots) between the two cameras. Given the very short (actual) focal length of the iphone camera, I imagine there would be an obvious ammount of facial distortion as you'd need to be so close to your subject compared to the more flattering perspective from a 135mm lens on an slr.

Yeah actually that was the biggest obvious difference in the two end prints.  The iPhone closer perspective vs. the Hasselblad that I had a longer lens on.  I'm thinking about experimenting with some of the add-on iPhone lenses for a future episode and seeing if they are actually worth getting.  If the biggest downfall of the camera is that it doesn't have a lens, and you could carry a tiny little telephoto around that didn't suck, that would be cool.

Hilarious. Nicely done guys.

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That was actually funny and entertaining!  A+ would watch again.

love it... keep em coming!!


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 hehehahahaha That was awesome! It's brilliant! Well done.

Love it. Hilarious.

Great stuff! Last night I did a photo shoot for a high end charitable event and it was all I could do to fend off the iPhone professional photographers.

Hi Kevin, great videos.

I just started taking some photography classes, and I need to buy a camera. Now, I'm 26 and I work (get a salary!), so I can certainly buy something thats <5k USD. I just saw your other vid on the D800 and the Mark III. Do you think it's too much to buy a Nikon D800 or a Canon 5D Mark III as a first camera? Is it better to start with something simpler? What would you buy?