How to Make Your GoPro Footage Look Awesome

GoPro cameras are some of the most versatile cameras on the market. The super compact size and lightweight design make them ideal for a lot of creative uses. Not to mention their durability and water resistance. This makes them ideal for those strange and somewhat crazy angles.

Prior to GoPro releasing their HERO line of cameras, there weren't many, if any, practical options available for someone to strap a camera on to their golf club and record their swing. Having that kind of flexibility with an action camera is incredibly useful.

In a recent video by Kinotika, Dave Altizer demonstrates some of the many ways you can be super creative with your GoPro camera. From using it simply as a second camera for another angle to putting your GoPro in a coffee machine while you make yourself a cup of coffee.

I found this short, concise, and relatively detailed video, properly useful. Seeing Altizer runs through a whole list of different ways to make your video clips stand out definitely inspired a few ideas for me. 

Check out the full video and let me know if you have any odd and creative ways to film with a GoPro. 

Photo by Fabrizio Verrecchia via Unsplash.

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Kulwant Singh's picture

Awesome ! this camera is really great part is it record video very smoothly...waterproof camera best in class

Kendall Oei's picture

I lashed together some swimming noodles to make a raft and mounted my GoPro underneath. Then I float the GoPro down rivers and streams to see how beautiful trout can be.