Image Quality Comparison of the Sony a7R IV, Nikon Z 7, and Panasonic S1R

The mirrorless market is burgeoning as we know, but which body is currently leading the fold?

The main issue with moving to mirrorless for most people — myself included — is the new mount. Yes, you can use an adaptor, but it's not a problem anyone wants to have to solve. However, you can view that problem from a different perspective: it could free you up to go for any manufacturer you fancy. That's something I did, but I'm not here to influence you one way or the other. In this video, Matt Granger runs through a few shoots with the Sony a7R IV, the Nikon Z 7, and the Panasonic S1R to see which performs the best. You can download all his images here.

I have very little experience with Panasonic — it's a brand that just hasn't cross my path — but I must say it looks good. It also plays well into my love for heavier equipment which I was concerned I was alone in, but turns out I'm not.

What did you make of the three cameras? Do you think there's a stand-out favorite? Do you own one? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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Deleted Account's picture

I don’t need to watch another video on this topic. The Z7 does it all for me, fabulously well.
Camera choice is subjective. Unless you’re the insecure peer pressured type. Then you ride the bandwagons.

Dennis Johnson's picture

couldnt agree more. buy the system you feel comfortable with, not the brand that others buy. if they happen to be the same one, fine. Matt is getting kinda big.