The Kick: Wirelessly Controlled LED Panel From An iPhone

The Kick: Wirelessly Controlled LED Panel From An iPhone is well known for having a ton of fun photography related products. Their latest happens to be a LED light panel that can be controlled from an iPhone.

The Kick is a five row LED light panel that can be customized to any color temperature through a downloadable app. The unit runs on a USB rechargeable battery which is a huge plus.  

The pocket sized LED looks to give off quite a bit of light from the rechargeable internal battery. With the wifi controllability, The Kick could make a decent little fill light while on-location or it could be used for a splash of color with all of the available settings.

Features of The Kick include:

  • Controlling color temperatures from 2500 to 10000 Kelvin
  • 400 Lumen put out at 5400 Kelvin
  • Control the LED light via wifi
  • iPhone 4/4S/5 mounts
  • Tripod mount
  • Dimensions - 4.5 x 2.5 x 1 inches
  • App works on iPhone, iPad and iPod
  • Built in lithium-ion battery with USB charging cable


The Kick is currently selling for $179.00 at Photojojo's Store. To see more of The Kick, be sure to visit


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