Latest Canon Rumor: The EOS 3D Around the Corner

Latest Canon Rumor: The EOS 3D Around the Corner

Sure, so what if this camera name has been rumored since 2005? Photokina is coming and Canon is going to need something to unveil at the show. Especially with the EOS M already announced, Photokina seems a likely opportunity to dazzle the crowd with a new DSLR. So what would the Canon 3D specs look like?

Canon Rumors just let fly that they received a spec list for the impending EOS 3D (though that name is far from solid). Regardless of what it will be called, we are expecting Canon to foray into the massive megapixel DSLR scene, as Nikon has had much success in that area.

Canon EOS-3D X Specifications

  • 46 MP
  • 3.7 frame per second
  • Dual DIGIC 5+
  • ISO: (25) 50-6400 (12800)
  • AF: Same as 1DX
  • USB 3
  • CF+SD

"Another feature mentioned about the camera is better heat dissipation of the sensor compared to other EOS cameras. Apparently, this results in industry leading low ISO performance."

Sounds sweet. I'll take one. However I'm not about to get myself all worked up quite yet. As we approach Photokina, expect these rumors to get more concrete.

[Via Canon Rumors]

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muehehehe with cost of hassel?

Love it!

What do you think this will cost?

Woaah. It has a 40mm 1.2 L on it.

Hail Sagan's picture

ooorrr, just get a Hasselblad.

i'd hate to know the cost of this haa

Abel V. Riojas's picture

is it from cyberdine systems?

because 46 MP is better than 36 MP ;)
megapixel race lives on! 

for some reason this won't stop my need for a hasselblad medium format film camera.

PatricioU's picture

IF true (and a big IF), at 3.7 fps and maximum 6400 ISO (upgradeable up to 12800 with high noise levels) this camera would be marketed only to studio photographers, would never be a choice for sport and event reportage photographers.

And the mixed format cards are a big turnoff, when will Canon and Nikon understand that 2 card slots of the same type are way more useful? Nikon screwed big time there on the D4, one of the reasons I haven't upgraded from D3s.

Christopher Hoffmann's picture

Sounds to me as though the drawbacks you refer to are the same drawbacks the D800 has. My guess is that this is the new "SOP" for the large camera makers. 

what I'd rather see:36 MP full-frame6-8 frame per second
Dual DIGIC 5+
ISO: (25) 50-6400 (12800)
AF: Same as 1DX
2x CF

built-in wireless flash control in the LCD menu w/o need for the ST-E3/E2 (a perfect fit for the 600EX-RT)
built-in wireless file transmission

Why would you want CF cards when there's already SD cards that are going to be faster?  

Like it or not, XQD _is_ the next format.  Do you really think all the memory makers out there, namely Sandisk, sunk a whole bunch of R&D money into something just to turn around not not support it?  Hardly.

Just because Sony spearheaded it, doesn't mean that's not the file format of the future.  Have you seen what the newer spec XQD runs at?  ... 168 MB/s.  You'll never see a CF get that fast, and probably not even SD with UHS get that fast.

6-8 FPS will come, but probably not in this generation.  The world got by with 4 FPS for a really, really long time.  Don't see why you need that much shutter speed other than to compensate for other bad technique baring a handful of special circumstances. 

no one noticed that "eye control" badge?

I noticed, but CanonRumors "let fly that they received a spec list", not leaked photos of the actual camera, so this is just a shopped image to illustrate the article. If EC was really a feature, it'd be in the spec list.


I know it's a shopped image, I wanted to ask if anzone thinks this is actually possible?

Dan's picture

Gonna guess around $8-9k!

Christopher Hoffmann's picture

What happened to all the comments???

thought i was the only one. thought i was retarded.

Guess they keep trying to prune 'rude' ones.  Whatever.  One less website I need to visit regularly.

Nope. Comments were glitching out. They're back now.

10,000$ Knowing Canon prices !!!!

550D on steroids

Mr_Samx's picture

 more Double 5D3 ;)

So.. EyeControl… do you think it's possible?

Joop van Roy's picture

 I'd wait for MindControl...

It's not only possible, but was available in their 35mm cameras. I had an ellan IIe that had it and I LOVED it. So glad to see that technology being put back in a canon camera.

it looks so ugly...

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