More Rumors of Canon Entry-Level Full Frame

More Rumors of Canon Entry-Level Full Frame

Over the past few months while other sites have been quick and ready with the rumor mill surrounding the entry level full frame Canon camera, Canon Rumors has remained skeptical. Today however, they have come out with a brand new rumor and they, rather begrudgingly, seem to put a little more legitimacy on the speculated camera with a set of new specs.

Canon Rumors has said that an entry level full frame doesn't make sense, and though affordable access to the 5D MKIII sensor is tantalizing, I kind of agree. A full frame sensor isn't really necessary for most of the photographers out there and may just be an attempt to move emphasis away from megapixel count and grab a few more of those consumer dollars that drive the company.

Though they aren't saying what this camera might be named, Canon Rumors has published some specs that they believe to be the closest to the actual camera rumored to be coming out this fall:


  • 22 megapixel (Same sensor as 5D MKIII)
  • 19 AF Points
  • 4fps
  • ISO 100-51200
  • 3″ LCD
  • Smaller than the 5D MKII
  • More plastic than metal in the construction
  • Pop-Up Flash (On at least one prototype)
  • $1999 USD at launch
  • Launched with a new non-L full frame kit lens (Undisclosed what the lens is)
  • Compatible with full frame STM lenses


Canon looks like they will be investing further in the new STM motor for their lenses, found most recently in their controvertial 40mm f/2.8 pancake. The specs also seem to put emphasis on performance in strange places, as the sensor and AF points are great, but the shutter speed leaves a lot to be desired.

What do you think? Tired of rumors? And If the camera came out with the above specs, would you be interested?

[Via Canon Rumors]

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José Tomás Tocino's picture

Mmm I don't know. $1999 is above the expected launch price of the Nikon D600 (about $1500). At that price, many 5D Mark II owners will still think about switching to Nikon (myself included)...

Alex A. Zaramenskikh's picture

Too high price for FF. Better to buy used 5D MI or MII.

Roman Kazmierczak's picture

I doubt there will be pop-up flush. Full frame require more space for prism so pop-up flash may not fit the camera.
I like the way the things are going. :) 

Jens Marklund's picture

Fits on a D700

Roman Kazmierczak's picture

 Yep. It will change the shape dramatically...

Nicholas's picture

The term entry level DSLR, is a bit ironic at this point. I find it silly that Canon or any brand, would label current technology "Entry". Until they repackage old Digic processors or refurbished megapixel chips, in a modern DSLR body, the new DSLR's will be advancements or refinements of the previous models. It will always be current, a little better and more affordable because these things cannot go backwards. Their concern, I think, is that they know it will only go forward, and it will be much harder to create and distinguish what is innovative. They have to consider a consumer Full Frame; their problem is they are running out of excuses not to.

Entry-Level Full Frame Canon, is inaccurate; It's simply a more affordable, professional full frame DSLR. The DSLR has advanced so impressively, that the gap to what is professional or consumer, is closing in, if it hasn't already (and professional doesn't even mean full frame, for that matter).

This reminds me of the film cameras, like the Canon EOS 1V and EOS 3. Many people chose the affordable EOS 3 over it's 1 series cameras without hesitation, because there was hardly a compromise in performance; shortly after that, the Elan series cameras bridged the gap more. Eventually the quality of build and reliability were the main factors in purchase choice. I feel this will be the same for digital. 

Entry-level DSLR's are not only necessary, they are inevitable. What is unnecessary, is a professional or consumer, NOT having the option for an affordable, but well built and performing DSLR, that can shoot 35mm frames like 35mm frames. I cannot wait.

For $2k, who would buy anything other than a full magnesium alloy body? Or get less AF points than a $1100 Nikon D7000? 

im a canon guy.. but if i had no glass and the rumored specs were true... i would buy a D600 instead.

canon has lost it´s grip.
the 5D MK2 was/is a great camera... but now it´s just evolution (and that means slow progress).

Ohh I did mistake going with canon. I wanna d800. Canon sucks.

awww. 5D MarkIII killer. (A good news anyway:D)

Jorge Tamez's picture

Maybe a full-frame DSLR with no video functions? (If they are aiming it at the entry-level photographer) 

But now that I think about it, my speculation would resonate better with intermediate photographers. The beginner will be thrown off by not having functions they will probably never use.  An intermediate would be somebody who knows enough that they would rather compromise a feature they will never dabble with, for the advantage of having full-frame, better ISO performance at an "affordable" price.

But never-mind me, I am just arguing with myself.

Note: I am not saying that nobody uses the Video function in their camera. All I am saying is that there is a, perhaps, large group of people who is really fond of the idea of having vide functions in their DSLR but very rarely actually use it. 

I disagree. I think the video mode is becoming really popular among a large group of people. Whether they're indie (or wannabe) filmmaker enthusiasts, or pro photographers expanding their field of work. But whatever we want to use it for, some of the specs seem 'out of place'...

Personally, on an entry level full frame, I'd prefer the (old) 5dII sensor, but would love more than 19 AF points. Or a double processor (I'm guessing 2x Digic4 is still faster than 1x Digic 5).
The new 'more plastic than magnesium' body, seems to leave the highly praised 7d body to be left for dead, since I'm guessing they won't use it on a '70d or so' model.

All in all, I'd rather see this new cam to be a FF version of the 7d than a downgraded 5dIII... 

And I'm gonna back up Jorge as someone who is this close to pulling the trigger on a Mark III but would LOVE a FF camera without elaborate video functionality, or any video for that matter for the sake of driving the price down to that close to the initial launch price of a 7D. I can't be the only photographer who is really only interested in using my dslr to take pictures.

Also, as far as AF points, I own a 7D and the AF system in that camera coupled with a Digic 5 processor and the low light performance of the new FF sensor would seem to be more than sufficient for the needs of shooters at which this camera seems to be targeted. Personally, as the years go on, the more I shoot with a single manual AF point. As far as the plasticky construction, the Mark II received its fair amount of criticism for its 'sub professional grade' construction

If this new camera is 'entry level' by design, why would it by necessity have a full magnesium body? Again, that's something else I would sacrifice for the sake of a sub-2k FF Canon. As for this new camera being a 'FF version of the 7D,' is that not what many people are calling the Mark III, what with it's nearly identical button layout, ergonomics and weather sealing? With the 7D's initial launch price nearing 2k, it would seem unlikely that we would see a FF 7D rather than what sounds to be more of an updated Mark II (in fact, in some respects, this new camera would appear more closely related to the Mark II than the Mark III, even if it isn't an evolutionary heir-apparent).

All in all, it seems to fill a niche that will have a great many advanced amateurs lining up with their wallets out (myself included).

Dennis's picture

I think this is kind of awesome.  19 AF points seem to work pretty damn good for the 7D.  In fact weren't people thrilled with the AF performance on that only a few years ago?  Same FF sensor as the 5DIII, sounds pretty amazing.  Good ISO numbers, check.  and the $1500 you would save on this over the 5DIII could go towards more glass.  I don't see how this isn't a winner.  Also, I would be surprised if they didn't do nearly the same magnesium alloy construction as the 7D.  The only thing I don't get is the pop up flash.  just why?  If you're serious enough to be getting a FF body, would you really use a pop up flash?