LEE Filters Introduced the Newly Designed LEE100 Filter Holder

The renown filter brand LEE introduced a newly designed filter holder: LEE100 with lots of adapters, making it modular while keeping the new design compatible with all existing adaptor rings and filters.

LEE Filters introduced this new set of filter holder and kits at the Photography Show 2019 in Birmingham, UK. The new LEE100 system includes the newly designed filter holder with two filter slots, new spare blocks for customization and blade removal tool. Spare blocks allow users to customize the holder for one or three filter setups.  

With the new LEE100 system, LEE improved the existing LEE Foundation Kit holder design, by adding newly designed spring release and locking rings for easy setup. Also, on the new system, LEE used glass-filled nylon material, which makes the new filter holder 16% lighter than the previous model.

In addition to the new filter holder, LEE also introduced the new LEE100 polarizer and other kits, including landscape kit, long exposure kit and deluxe kit, which includes three ND grad filters, a polarizer and the Lee Big Stopper.

The new LEE100 system doesn’t include any adapters with any of the kits. Users should buy specific LEE adapters that will be compatible with their camera systems. To find the compatible adapter, you can visit this page, and to learn more about the new LEE100 system and the kits, you can visit the product page.

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Barry Johnson's picture

I'd love to hear reviews and find out how this is different than Breakthrough's holder which is nearly half the cost. Personally I use a dirt cheap holder, which is rock solid and put my money into better filters such as Firecrest. You can mix and match you know ;)

michaeljin's picture

Awesome. Now if they could just get rid of the terrible color cast on their filters...

Michael Kormos's picture

My major complaint with all of these filters is that they're plastic. I have a wide assortment of their SW150 filters, and my biggest issue is keeping them free of smudges. I store them in microfiber-lined pouches, but even then the soft plastic of which they're made of is very susceptible to smudging and scratching. Once you have smudges on your filters, shooting with the sun (or any bright object) in the frame yields halos and other visual artifacts in your photos.

For the price they cost, they really ought to be made of glass.

Robert Nurse's picture

Either made of glass and/or come micro coated. I swear, I only touch the edges of mine and yet there are scratches everywhere.

Paul Lindqvist's picture

All of which filters? LEE? they are not made of plastic, the grad ND is made of Resin and the pure ND big stoppers and polarizers are made of glass.

Hector Belfort's picture

I moved to Kase because I was sick of breaking 6 stop
And 10 stop Lee Filters. They are so fragile. The grad filters on the other hand I think are good but very vulnerable to scratching and coated in salt and hard to clean.
Nisi filters are slippery as hell.
I’ve a soft spot for Lee as they were the first who I saw really pushing filters and I made great use of them. They got left behind a bit in terms of colour cast, filter holders ( with polarizing filters) and robustness. I think they rested on their laurels. I’d have the same comment for all the companies. Filters are way too expensive.

Ryan Mense's picture

From what I can tell it looks like this one will be just as susceptible to light leaks as the seven5 I used to use for a few years. It’s incredibly annoying when you have to hover hand your filter holder any time you want to use it because there’s zero trust it will keep leaks out.