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The Leica SL2-S: Not Quite the Camera That Hybrid Shooters Dream Of?

Leica’s SL2-S was announced last week, bringing a 24-megapixel sensor and improved video capabilities to a truly rugged body. At just shy of five grand, is it the better option over its 47-megapixel sibling?

DPReview runs through the specs and gives their thoughts on Leica’s newest full frame DSLR and, as you’d expect, the differences are subtle. That smaller sensor saves you a decent amount of cash however: the new SL2-S is just $4,895 compared to $5,995 for the SL2.

Whichever you choose, Leica’s autofocus does seem to fall fairly short of the competition right now so it will be interesting to see what the firmware update brings when it arrives in the new year. Leica has long been stills-centric, offering a very distinctive photographic experience due to the feel and interface. While this new model brings some notable improvements, I’m not sure that too many hybrid shooters will be tempted to consider this as a serious tool for video, and I suspect that video shooters are typically slightly less concerned about how a camera feels in the hand when there are so many other options available. 

As Chris Nichols notes, if you need to pick up a Sharpie for your SL2, B&H Photo has a 12-pack for just $9.49.

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barry cash's picture

It's a great system adding the 24mp body does open up the body to a slightly larger audience, especially those who have M glass and held off. The focusing in bright light Im told is medium plus, in low light slow. Leica has released some firmware updates slightly more regularly than previous years.

I'm on the fence of getting back into a full Leica system...awaiting the January announcements from similar products that might more suit my needs.

I have to say though that from experience in my own shooting when you lay off a camera for two-three weeks or if you only shoot it for a week when its new many shooting nuances can leave not only your mind but your fingers. The best option is to rent one and check it out for yourself with the glass you might consider purchasing if your 80% on the camera.

Be sure in many of the Leica files the look can not be repeated by other manufactuers, on the other hand shooting into the sun with most of the older Leica lenses not having the latest nano coatings produce a gotta love the look...
(inferior image) to the vast number of competitors.

"Most wanted" never coming M body with a 5.7 EVF this for me is the dream machine.
PS the Q2 would be great if it had interchangeable lens.