Lomography Launches the World’s Most Hipster Lens

Lomography has just announced its new Petzval 55mm f/1.7 Mark II lens for Canon, Nikon, and Sony full-frame mirrorless cameras, a piece of glass that seems made by hipsters for hipsters and could only be less understated if it came encrusted with diamonds.

If you’re worried that you might look a bit daft with a big golden lens on the front of your Canon DSLR, then this lens is certainly not for you. If the brass finish isn’t enough to scream your hipster credentials along with your beard, porkpie hat, and trousers that are slightly too short, don’t worry — it has the words BOKEH CONTROL written on it. According to the Lomography website, there’s also a knob on the side that provides “a more authentic and vintage feel” to go with its “distinctive and vintage style.”

In addition to the aperture ring, the dedicated BOKEH CONTROL ring gives you seven extra levels of bokeh to choose from, though it seems unlikely that many buyers will stray far from the maximum aperture and the bokiest bokeh. If you think that BOKEH CONTROL 7 should be saved for DEFCON 1, you are mistaken.

Lomography waterhouse opening 55mm f/1.7

A Waterhouse opening system allows you to be even more creative through the use of five different plates that give the bokeh specific characteristics. Extra hipster points will be awarded to those ironically shooting deserts using the snowflake filter, warzones using the heart filter, and astrophotography using the sun filter.

The three mounts — Canon RF, Nikon Z, and Sony E — are available for pre-order in three flavors: black aluminum (€399), satin-finished brass (€449), and black-painted brass (€499).

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JetCity Ninja's picture

the vibrations caused by hipsters fainting upon news of this lens has triggered a tsunami warning in Washington State.

seems their flannel and mustache wax hasn't managed to absorb the collective shockwave caused by multiple impacts.

the bokeh to be found in the photos of their orifice cleansing devices and their associated carrying equipment will be amazing once this goes up for public consumption. imagine how unique the photos will look with caked on beard oil, or dried overspray from their orifice cleansing devices, getting on the front or rear elements.

Rob Davis's picture

Actually all the hipsters are in the midwest now. The West Coast is now post-hipster. We're all driving modern sensible cars and wearing unironic shirts these days.

David Pavlich's picture

Good grief....

"Extra hipster points will be awarded to those ironically shooting deserts using the snowflake filter, warzones using the heart filter, and astrophotography using the sun filter."

I legitimately laughed after reading that. Nice one.

But if Lomography is going for the hipster market I think they may have misfired here. Don't hipsters only use vintage cameras with film? Extra points if it is some expired new-old stock.*

* Calm down, I am not saying all film shooters are hipsters, but hipsters would definitely gravitate towards the 'vintage' appeal of film shooting.

Why does the world need this lens? I can smell the hipster GAS.

michaeljin's picture

WOW... That title.

"but this goes to eleven"

Jordan McChesney's picture

“Shut up and take my Starbucks”

user-206807's picture

I always thought hipster women also had a beard.....

I thought we left that idiotic "Bokeh Paradise" back in the Dark Ages?
And for the love of God, just what the hell is a "hipster"?

marc gabor's picture

oh cool more photo gear nerds making absolutely meaningless comments about "hipsters". Making fun of beards and porkpie hats is so 2007. Nothing makes you sound more out of touch, irrelevant and old than calling something hipster.

First off, men from all walks of life have been sporting beards since the dawn of time. They never went away. Some guys just don't like to shave. Yes, there was a moment when barber shops, male grooming, craft coffee shops, heritage brands, Instagram, Williamsburg, etc.. all exploded on to the scene at once. That was over 10 years ago. Get over it.

Second, when you refer to hipsters are you talking about suburban kids buying lomo cameras at urban outfitters? Or like actual creative professionals who are out shooting big campaigns and networking with other creative professionals in the fashion/art/music/publishing world. Go work on set in LA/NYC for 6 months and THEN tell me about hipsters.

Creatives tend to work freelance and don't have to conform to a corporate 9-5 environment. That's why they are creatives.

Andy Day's picture

As someone who moved to Hackney before it became cool, lived there for eleven years, worked for a Shoreditch-based tv production company, rode a bicycle, wore skinny jeans, sported an asymmetrical haircut and became obsessive about coffee, I'm more than simply familiar with the culture.

I hope that the irony of calling my humour passé is not lost on you. 😂

Ryan Davis's picture

The dude in the video literally has a porkpie hat. I can't blame Mr. Day for picking fruit that hangs that low.

David Leøng's picture


Ignacio Balbuena's picture

I loved Lomography in a moment of my life until took more the spotlight and more serious reviews begun to comes out. All my expectation went down inmediatly of course. Thanks to that I redirected my focus with the Sigma A. and C. types and I dont regret it.

John Tyson's picture

Good for them! I hope this lens is a success and all those who buy it get the look they are going for!