A Look at the Nikon Z 7 for Landscape Photography

Landscape photographers often prize resolution and dynamic range in a camera above pretty much all other features and specs. This great video takes a look at one such camera, the Nikon Z 7, and how it holds up in practice for landscape photographers.

Coming to you from Andrew Marr, this great video takes a look at the Nikon Z 7 for landscape photography. The Z 7 is the high-resolution body in Nikon's mirrorless camera series (with a 45.7-megapixel backside-illuminated sensor) and generally a great option for landscape photographers, as modern Nikon cameras tend to have excellent dynamic range. Along with that resolution, the Z 7 comes with a native ISO range of 64-25,600, 493 autofocus points covering 90% of the frame, five-axis sensor vibration reduction, a burst rate of 9 fps, 4K at up to 30 frames per second, and an 8K time-lapse mode. Also of note for landscape photographers is the fact that the Z 7 comes in a magnesium alloy body that provides strong weather-sealing and dust resistance. Altogether, for Nikon fans or landscape photographers looking for a light and capable full frame system, the Z 7 looks to be a very intriguing option, especially when paired with the relatively compact Z lenses. Check out the video above for Marr's full thoughts. 

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Alfonse Diantonio's picture

Wow this camera takes great pictures! I'm just starting in photos...only have a nikon d340 that was my brothers. Maybe I get this now, huh?

Gregory Mills's picture

The Nikon D3400 will take great landscape photos too. It is the photographer that makes the difference more than the camera. The more you learn the more you can make any camera take great photos. The Z7 is also $2,800 without a lens (the lenses you have will not work as they are for DX or aka crop sensor camera). The Z7 is also 45 MP and none of my photography students are able to hand hold a camera with that many megapixels because your technique has to be absolutely flawless. If you really want a new camera, look a the Z6 which is 24 MP full frame camera pro camera or the Z50 which is Nikon newest mirrorless camera and is 21 MP for half the price. Either would be a better choice than the a Z7 until you have a lot of experience. That is just some unsolicited advice from a professional event photographer and photography teacher for over a decade (and over 500 students).

Alfonse Diantonio's picture

Wow that is great advice! Thank you so much! Will do