A Lot of Canon Lenses Are Coming This Year

A Lot of Canon Lenses Are Coming This Year

Canon's RF lenses have been highly lauded for their impressive optical quality and boundary-pushing designs, and the company is continuing to develop and release new glass. It looks like the second half of 2021 is going to be particularly exciting, with a huge collection of lenses on the way.

Canon Rumors is reporting that Canon will be announcing more lenses simultaneously than they ever have before later this year. Personally, I expect a lot of the lenses to be supertelephoto primes, as the R1 will likely be coming out around the 2021 Olympics, and such lenses go hand in hand with flagship bodies. If you remember the company's roadmap for 2021, we can expect a lot of the aforementioned supertelephoto prime lenses, but there are also some other exciting lenses on the list, such as two tilt-shift lenses with autofocus, a zoom lens that zooms out to 10mm at the wide end, and a 135mm f/1.4L lens, sure to be an absolute bokeh monster for portrait photographers. Details are a bit scarce at the moment, but it looks like the second half of the year is going to be quite exciting for Canon fans, particularly given how good their RF lenses have been so far, having shown strong image quality and performance. 

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Felix C's picture

Life long Nikon shooter but I got a Sony cinema camera and it came with a Sony lens. Now I have a RED Komodo and my first Canon lens arrives tomorrow. The trinity is complete. At least the Nikon lenses will work on both the Sony and RED camera. If Canon comes out with some 1.4 lenses I might need to buy some more Canon glass!

John Rus's picture

Yeah, most of these lenses are probably unrealistic.

Probably the most anticipated lens would be a 135mm f/1.4 and a slew of big whites. Not least of which should be an updated 200mm f/2.0, or better yet a 1.8! But even then, a 135mm f/1.4 probably won't be happening knowing Canon, the thing about them is they don't listen to their customers very well and can take a decade for them to listen!

Take the 1DX for instance, Nikon had a FF speed camera for YEARS before finally making there own.

But just as stupid, they refuse to increase resolution or offer a truly professional high resolution option. They just have the 5Ds R, which has nice resolution but is built like a toy compared to the 1-series and lacks important professional features.

David Pavlich's picture

And still, Canon is the #1 camera company. Go figure.

Petr Svitil's picture

What camera are you refering to? The EOS-1Ds was FF, with 11MP, introduced in 2002. You do realize that the 1DX series is a successor to the 1Ds series, not to be mistaken with the 1D series which had a APS-H sensor.

And sure the Nikon D1 came out in 1999, but it also only had 2.7MP.. so net exactly something groundbreaking.

John Rus's picture

Are you stuck in 2002????? Do you not realize what I am even saying?

History lesson, way back in a land far far away. We had a FF 1Ds series cameras. They were the slow but ultimate pro body. They had high resolution at the time and pro build and features. And cost around 6k'ish.

Then you had the very fast but lower resolution and smaller sensor 1D series cameras. Very popular for fast action but everyone bemoaned the lack of FF!!!! Nikon had at the time a fast FF body, we wanted one too. I almost switched to Nikon because of it.

Then came the 1DX line. It was the fast FF we wanted. But they never gave a high resolution version.

So there you have it, said the same thing twice.

Robert Nurse's picture

No chance of an RF 50mm 1.4? Oh well.