More Blackmagic Production Camera 4K Footage Surfaces

We recently shared test footage directly from Blackmagic's CEO, but today more footage has shown up online from some of the Blackmagic testers. Captain Hook, a cinematographer out of New Zealand, made this compilation of footage for you to take a look at. At this point, since I doubt many of you have 4K monitors, we should focus on detail and quality of the footage. What do you think? Personally, even when not viewed at full resolution I can already see how great this looks. The detail is magnificent.

From the Vimeo description:

I've had the pleasure and privilege to be testing out the BMD 4K the last little while.

I went out and grabbed footage like with the previous two cameras just to see how it did 'out in the wild', but i also arranged with my good friends Tanya and Lance from The Storyboard to bring the camera onto a music video they were working on with me as 2nd Unit DP. Kent Belcher was the main DP for this shoot and a Red MX was to serve as 'A Cam' with me operating the 4K as 'B Cam'. After the first couple of shots of the shoot, Kent and Tarn (Director) were loving the 4K and it basically became 'A Cam'.

The shots i've included in this video are random clips i picked myself and don't reflect the edit or final video (still in progress as i write this). What was interesting to me is that this was a night shoot and i had the camera set at ASA400 (had already tested at night with 800 which is at the end of this video) and the red was at 1200 yet Kent and I were both surprised the Blackmagic looked brighter on the monitors!

The rest (and bulk) of the footage as i said is just me grabbing footage when i had the chance (busy time of year for everyone!), but i'm still impressed with this camera. I didn't think global shutter would be a big deal for me, but i LOVE the motion from this camera, and the colour is what i would expect from BMD (i REALLY like it).

Honestly i kind of went into this thinking i probably wouldn't like this camera as much as the other two, but right now i like it more! The images are really nice, really really nice. This time the BMDFilm coming from the camera has a lot more contrast and saturation than the previous two, so you don't have to do anywhere near as much to grade it (but yes i already have a LUT i've made/been using with it to speed things up even more). I went for quite a contrasty/saturated grade with most of this to see if i could push it 'there' (combined with my LUT i made it for it). I think it holds up really well.

I can see people LOVING the images from this camera, i know i do. Thanks again to Blackmagic and the hardworking team there for everything they're doing and for allowing me to be a part of the process, it's truly appreciated.

All footage was shot Prores 4K. I don't normally say this, but even compressing this video for upload was a disappointment compared to the Prores from Resolve. You need to play with files from this camera yourself, vimeo truly is the great equalizer and i can't wait for the H265 replacement to H264. An UHD version/link will be coming soon.

Lenses used: Sigma 18-35/1.8 - Canon 35/1.4L - Canon 50/1.2L - Canon 85/1.2L (YES IT WORKS!!!) - Canon 100/2.8L - Canon 70-200/2.8L IS

Thanks also again to Tarn and Lance at

Atomic Tom
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Jaron Schneider is an Fstoppers Contributor and an internationally published writer and cinematographer from San Francisco, California. His clients include Maurice Lacroix, HD Supply, SmugMug, the USAF Thunderbirds and a host of industry professionals.

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Finally some nice images from this camera - I wasn't too keen on the last video. They still have a ways to go in the ISO department, but what an image for the price!


Most people are content with their crappy smartphone cameras when it's about capturing images during vacation, weddings, parties, ...

But movie industry lives in the delusion that ultra high quality delivered by 4k is a necessity,
ha ha ha ... most people can't even tell the difference between 720p and 1080p let alone 4k.

Just like 3D ... another fad to stiff consumers.

Were you the guy complaining when computers expanded to the huge 256MB hard drives because you "didn't understand who would ever need that much space"?

Fact: Better technology and gear affords artists & photographers the ability to radically improve photography/film and use it in creative & practical ways that maybe you don't yet understand. 4K is a far cry from that 3D nonsense ;)

I click-jumped 4x throughout the video hoping to see something stand out that showed how different it was from a DSLR. Am I missing something?

I'm watching and working on a 4K monitor for editing video, one issue I will see in the future is people making things too sharp.... you know, that that white un-natural line around objects, (over increasing sharpness in After Effects, Premiere Pro) Makes the image looks very ugly.