More News About the Canon EOS R1 and EOS R5 Mark II Mirrorless Cameras Emerges

More News About the Canon EOS R1 and EOS R5 Mark II Mirrorless Cameras Emerges

There's interesting news about Canon's upcoming camera releases for 2024, particularly for those interested in what will be the company's two most important cameras in years, the EOS R1 and EOS R5 Mark II. According to their latest report, Canon is set to prioritize the launch of the Canon EOS R1, positioning it ahead of the EOS R5 Mark II in their release schedule.

Canon Rumors is reporting that the Canon EOS R1, the company's flagship mirrorless camera, will be released far before the EOS R5 Mark II. The EOS R1 is expected to be unveiled in stages, with the company trickling out tantalizing bits of info for a few months in advance, much like they did with the EOS R3. 

An intriguing aspect of the EOS R1 is its speculated resolution. Contrary to what many might expect given cameras like the Sony a1 and Nikon Z9, the EOS R1 might offer relatively low resolution. While this is in line with the traditional design of 1 Series bodies, the do-it-all nature of the aforementioned bodies from other companies has led many to wonder if Canon would rewrite their own paradigm with the EOS R1. 

As for the EOS R5 Mark II, Canon Rumors anticipates that it will be released in the latter half of 2024. This makes sense, as Canon will likely want to showcase the EOS R1 at the 2024 Olympics, after which they can shift focus to the EOS R5 Mark II. Hopefully, we'll hear more soon! 

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The only guarantee when the R1 is released is potential purchasers will be complaining it is not their idea of perfect and Canon have made an underwhelming camera. This is obvious because people's expectations and what they want from cameras seems to get more and more unrealistic every new release.

We'll probably see the R1 at the summer Olympics. Maybe available commercially after that.

The 1dxmk2 was launched to the public 3 months before the 2016 Olympics, so with that, the R1 should be launched in April/May.

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It's so quaint that there are people still using Canon cameras.