Mounting a 70-200mm Lens on the Ronin S

I've always wondered what it would be like to mount a longer lens like an 85-200mm on to a gimbal and get footage with it. I feel like a lot of video we see shot on a gimbal is from a wide angle lens, but in this video we see something a little more interesting.

My curiosity about mounting a telephoto lens to a gimbal came from a while ago when I saw that the Inspire could mount different lenses. Being so into drones, I really wanted to have that ability and create this new look from the sky. Once I ended up with my Inspire 2, I began to learn how to fly a 25mm and 45mm lens which both double in focal length because of the micro 4/3 sensor. After a good amount of practice flying, I was finally able to achieve the shots I wanted and have been using this for a lot of my work ever since.

The other day, I stumbled upon this video where Fritz Bacon was able to mount a 70-200mm f/2.8 lens to his Ronin - S on his 5D mark IV. I thought this was pretty cool because for the past few months we have been thinking about ways to get a bigger lens on our gimbal. With the 70-200mm being so heavy, it does not seem like a lens that should be mounted but for the sake of look, I think this is a pretty killer combo if you can learn how to use it the right way.

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Daniel Haußmann's picture

Pretty impressive. Hope it is available very soon. So far on the DJI website (Germany) it is still sold out.

Slow motion is one of the most important parts here, as far as I understand...

Ty Poland's picture

I could agree, I would still love to try this out and see how stable it actually is

Stephen Kampff's picture

I've been loving Panasonic's 35-100mm on the GH5. It's the equivalent to the 70-200mm, but tremendously smaller and supports 5-axis stabilization. At 4K 60p it's not too unlike this. Although the gimbal is obviously a lot better.

Ty Poland's picture

the GH5 is just a monster in general. I have no problem handholding at 45mm, I still think that could mount onto the ronin s though!

Dude, anything well shot, even using handheld cameras, will look great in slow motion as it masks any sudden movement or vibrations. Actually your excessive use of super slow motion feels like pot head. Post some real time footage and we can see how good your rig is, or isn’t.

Erin B.'s picture

^^^ THIS ^^^. To be fair, it is still holding up that huge lens where my ikan EC1 would have just slumped forward and shaked like a crappie

Good point! But I’d be interested to know how that rig behaves in real time motion.

Mark Richardson's picture

Too many of the shots in his example footage could have easily been shot on a tripod. I'd like to try this with the camera moving in more of an orbit move to accentuate the parallax effect of the long lens on the gimbal.