New Apo Sonnar T* 2/135 Expands Zeiss' SLR Lens Line-Up

If you want a nice, all-metal, manual focus lens for your DSLR, Zeiss is pretty much your first stop. Yet until now, the T* 2/100 Makro-Planar was the most telephoto option available...

Zeiss' new 135mm lens opens up to a beautiful, bright f/2 and features virtually no chromatic aberrations due to its apochromatic design. Both Canon and Nikon users can look forward to getting this lens in December for $2,000.


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Do want...

I guest that it can be pretty hard focus on anything at f/2 manually. 

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 DOF for 135mm at F/2 and a distance of 8ft is 1 Inch from the focus point. Yah dude that's a pretty crazy narrow DOF to nail focus. Fortunately the ultra-precise focussing ring combined with focusing aids like split prisms or z-finders can help out a lot. Still subjects? Not so bad. Moving subjects? Forget about it.

Lenses like these from Zeiss are used a lot in the (lower budget) video world where you never use autofocus anyway.  I work in the equipment room (well, more like floor,) for a film school and we use the Zeiss Distagon series for our FS100's and DSLR's (sometimes with F3's but we just got some zeiss compact primes for those this year!)  

And yes you can nail a focus pull on a moving subject with a lens like this.  Hopefully you get a few rehearsals first though : )

Yes...yes please..