New Canon DSLRs?

New Canon DSLRs?

Canon has a few things on the horizon, potentially. One thing is for sure, there's some kind of high-megapixel camera like the Nikon D800. But recent rumors prove this could up the game to an entirely new level...

CanonRumors states that there is talk of a new roughly 40-megapixel 1D X-like body out there that was being tested by a few photographers at the Olympics. But here's the kicker: the frame rate is expected to be fast -- 8 frames per second fast. Other things are supposed to bring new features to the DSLR line-up, but those remain secret for now. What do you guys think? People complained about Nikon's D800 being so slow while the files are to big to handle on average machines. But would this make it all 'acceptable?' Canon might really get an edge in, here.

Additionally, the 7D might have an update. If so, it looks like low-noise, 24MP sensor with frame rates around 10fps, ISO up to 25,600, and high speed video options. As the 7D is already incredibly popular for video at its current price-point, an improvement on this line could be good for a lot of you out there, even if only as a backup.

Meanwhile, Nikon has an F on the Better Business Bureau ratings. I couldn't find a rating for Canon, but I'd take no rating over an F. Might be time for some people to switch when these new bodies come out...

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8000- 10000$ body only?

too much for my wallet.... so i don´t really care.
especially as i had to pay the same numbers in euro....

instead of expanding the line on the top.... they should bring FF to the masses.
that means a good FF DSLR for 1400-1500 Euro

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fuck the masses, we dont need more photographers. make ever FF camera above 10k, so only real photographers can purchase them. if you dont make a good living then you shouldnt own a pro camera.

well it´s obvious that you struggle to make a living from photography.... judging from your images.

but instead to hope there will be less competition.. how about improving YOUR skills and producing images that are worth to look at?

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Scared of competition Max?

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Haha, shut down! 

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the masses are asses

I agree with Tanja! My real Canon dream is for the 5D MKIII to be closer in price to the MKII!

 My dream is for them all to be free.

You need to dream bigger.

LOL, just dream Andrew :))

Canon of Canada got an A+ ... I am a Nikon user, not even kidding - have a D3, D700 and D300s - and I have been very disappointed with Nikon these past few years in terms of customer service (they stopped selling parts to local shops for Pete's sake). The products are great ... I like the ergonomics a lot better than Canon (Canon has better color IMHO) and all things being equal, Nikon has historically handled noise better (Canon has caught up this year). All that being said, I would jump ship and get a Canon 1D and a 5D if I could afford it right now. I may switch out one body and lens at a time. Nikon, love your cameras and lenses, but Nikon USA has got to get it together.

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Um. Where do I sign up for the new 7D?  I was looking for a backup with higher frame rate and could do video to accompany my 5D2.  I believe the rumor of the new 7D proves that canon is tapping my phones because that was basically taken verbatim from a conversation I had with a friend.  At least I only have nice things to say about canon (he says with a concerned look on his face while tugging at his collar). lol

I'm keen! Ready to update my 1Ds III.

Lenses, lighting, and constant refinement of one's abilities are the great equalizers in photography. The people who obsess about our gear isn't the clients; it's us. We're at a great time when if all one had in his/her arsenal is either a Nikon D700 or newer, a Canon 7D or newer (and full frame), for ten years, a photographer's career can be made with no NEED for upgrade. Only for the sake of preference - to finally shoot full frame, digitally, the way I used to with my film  Canon EOS 1V- will I upgrade. The new 1dx or the 5DIII, may end up being the last digital camera I'd cherish until it breaks.

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It is boring with all these Mega Pixels and Fps...  Did anyone ever count pixels on the screen or dots on the billboard? Ones we passed the 18MP point it doesn't really matter. It is still 35mm.
 Why don't they produce nice medium format film scanner in $1.5k price range? That would make me excited.