New Canon Promotion Offers Great Extended Warranty and Service

Are you looking to upgrade your body or grab a new lens? Canon USA just announced a new promotion that offers a pretty stellar extended warranty with the purchase of qualifying gear from an authorized dealer through January 9.

Starting today, Canon USA is offering a free CarePAK PLUS warranty with the purchase of select gear. The list is quite comprehensive, covering all current generation high-level bodies and many of their most popular lenses. Most notable is that the warranty covers accidental damage! Here are all the benefits:

  • 13 months of coverage, including accidental damage, drops, spills, or wear and tear.
  • Free shipping to and from the Canon USA repair facility.
  • No lemon guarantee: if an item receives the same repair three times, Canon will replace it free of charge.

I don't think I can remember the last time I saw the standard warranty that came with camera gear covering accidental damage; that luxury normally requires the purchase of insurance and the payment of a deductible for a claim. Thirteen months of essentially comprehensive coverage is a pretty great deal.

Here are the bodies covered by the promotion (as always, our friends at B&H have included some extra goodies in many of these):

Here are the lenses included in the promotion:

Are you thinking of doing some early holiday shopping or upgrading your kit? Now is a great time to do it!

[via Canon]

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Kyle Medina's picture

As I do shoot Canon. I can't decide to get a used 5d3 or a7r. I wanna get back into shooting concerts again, but I would like a small full frame for hiking/camping. Already have a 7d2. Aaahh!!

Paulo Macedo's picture

Hello Europe, bye bye Europe!! Hahaahah we never get those cool things here...damn it!

John Skinner's picture

I have such mixed emotions over Canon -- their offerings -- change over the years. It's frustrating.

WAAY back in the late 70's and early 80's I needed to step up to a pro-body which were either the Nikon F2a or the Canon F1 models. I was working at a small upper-end gear store at the time and was in close contact with the sales reps for both companies. I was in the Canon line up already with a meager investment in glass, and this was a consideration.. But more over was the price point on the body itself, as I would need more than 1, and, long term considerations included..

The Canon guy was just a dick. A great guy to shove his goods and get us to carry heavy stock, but in the end.. he was just about dollars. Nikon on the other hand worked with me on the purchase of the 2 bodies I needed and also glass.. I've only recently been looking from side to side and seeing what others are producing with Canons' brand and have had second thoughts about oh so many years ago's decision.

And now with an offering like this... one has to wonder. I've had some tough times with NPS. And along with that, horror stories from the CPS side too.. It's too late to turn back now. Too much invested in methodology / work flow / glass etc.. Good for Canon to step up and make the offer. Good for the Canon users also..