The New Leica M11 Could Have 64 Gigabytes of Internal Memory

The New Leica M11 Could Have 64 Gigabytes of Internal Memory

Rumors about the forthcoming Leica M11 are circulating, and one particular feature stands out: 64 gigabytes of internal memory.

The specifications suggested so far include a brand new 60-megapixel sensor, with speculation that this could produce variable-resolution raw files of 50, 36, and 15 megapixels, though it seems far more likely that these will be variable resolution JPEGs rather than raw files. The M11 may also forego the classic Leica baseplate, something that leaked photos appear to confirm.

Most interestingly perhaps is the possible inclusion of 64 gigabytes of internal memory, though the camera is expected to also include an SD card slot. Presumably, this will give users the option to shoot to choose between storage options or both in order to offer redundancy. Rumors state that the camera will feature Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, and an announcement is expected in the coming months following what is thought to be a delay that's a result of the global shipping problems and chip shortages.

Leica enthusiasts will recall that the TL2 introduced internal memory with its 32 gigabytes of internal storage, again alongside an SD card. To my knowledge, there are two cameras on the market that offer solely internal memory: the Zeiss ZX1 and the Pixii. Are cameras with internal memory and better connectivity slowly appearing on the horizon? Let us know in the comments below.

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I wish more camera manufacturers would do this.
It wouldn't add *that* much to the cost of a camera and would be a huge benefit. We've all gone out for a shoot and had that "oh shiiiiii....." moment when we realised we've left our cards at home.
It could also make transfer rates much higher by writing data to a much bigger internal memory and then, over time, transferring that data to the card in between bursts.

Not sure what in my comment deserves a downvote but you do you, I guess.

Known troll, look at the comment history, another one who needs removing and will be in time.

I've been wondering when this would happen. Lots of high speed storage built in that writes faster than a memory card.

Camera mfrs are loathe to getting it yet another numbers war

Internal mem is unnerded

All I hope is we still have cameras in the future that aren't trying to be like a smartphone with an OS, internet access, apps etc. It will add unnecessary features cameras don't need plus would be a battery drain. Cameras will never be anywhere near as good at handling the features smartphones do plus ergonomically will be much worse. If we can have a much easier way for cameras to communicate with our smartphone, that would be ideal. Perhaps a way to have photos taken on a camera immediately stored on our phone - wireless tethering if you like.

Leica, I believe could be in a tricky position with their M cameras. They want a modern digital camera but one that looks and feels like their older film cameras. In that, they have already achieved it. Leica M customers aren't looking for bleeding edge technology and it will be interesting to see how Leica can keep producing new M cameras with enough unique features without moving too far away from their original ethos.

I'd prefer a kind of full frame Leica CL for M lenses. I totally get the rangefinder concept, but it isn't for me. Had the CL, sold it for the Canon EOS R, which takes nearly every lens with an adapter. The Leica M would be smaller though. I don't need those precise mechanics, I'd like to have a evf instead. Yes, yes, the SL has all that, but hey, it's way too heavy. So I stick to my Canon body. Maybe, one day ...

The SL2 is only 140g or so heavier than an M10. The SL system weight is in the lenses, and if you use M lenses on the SL2 it's a joy to use.

Ok, that's good to know, thank you. Are the problems with wide angle lenses? I read about strange colour image borders and vignettes on Canon bodies, that kept me from buying a Leica 35/1.4 and a Leica 21/4 or 21/3.5. Those lenses go deep into the cam, so unusual angles of light come into play.

The SL and SL2 have a different microlens array than other companies, as well as a thinner filter stack, precisely because they wanted people to be able to use their Leica M lenses on it without the awful color shifts and corner/edge smearing that you get on, say, a Sony FF camera.

I would love a Leica CL refresh though, but keep it APS-C. Just update the sensor and add IBIS and all the other new features. And make more APS-C lenses for it (the 23mm and 18mm are fantastic).

Thanks, so I'll keep an eye on the Leica second hand market to get a decently priced SL2 one day.

What Matt said, about the sensor's glass cover. M lenses on the SL2 are awesome.

I have only ever had one more feature wish in cameras today - iOS tethering. If Hasselblad and Cascable can do it - so can anyone else - they just need to WANT to do it. 1 USB-C port for data and power - that should be the only port required. It is clear that achieving perfect WiFi connections is impossible - no one has done it - so - just move onto tethering. IBIS would complete the wishlist.

I don't understand people who want smartphone and internet features in cameras when smartphones already do such a good job. Yes, some way to get photos from our cameras to our smartphones/tablets seamlessly so we can edit and post online using a device much better suited to the job.