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New Speculation on Canon 7D II & 70D

New Speculation on Canon 7D II & 70D

Another Canon rumor has emerged that has a few new specs for the anticipated 7D Mark II and the 70D. If you have been looking at the market, there has been a lot of talk surrounding the 7D Mark II and it's supposed specs and release date. With this new rumor/speculation, the talk will only get louder. So what can we supposedly expect?









  • Digic 5
  • 18mp
  • 100% viewfinder with grid lines like 7D
  • 19 AF Points from 7D
  • Continuous AF in LiveView & Video Recording
  • September Announcement



7D Mark II

  • Dual Digic 5
  • 100% viewfinder
  • 61 Point AF from 5D Mark III
  • Announced after 70D


Not really all that much to go on, so we might have to wait a bit longer for some better rumors, and even longer for a true confirmation which looks to be September 2012. Definitely look for both at this year's Photokina.

[Via CanonRumors]

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RUSS's picture

they should release the 7d MKII  with 36.5MP...

Tim Yang's picture

No they see how bad the video quality on that 36mp....unless canon can find a way to make the video quality look like the 5dmkiii they don't need all that mp...21 at the most would do 

RUSS's picture

 lol :-)

Lilian Manita's picture

Any chance to have a full frame 7D?

MarkFore's picture

 no, its a consumer grade camera.

JimmySchaefer's picture

Pretty sure its a Bottom line Pro Camera by canon and not a consumer grade camera... I didn't realize Canon puts no plastic in there Consumer cams if you where correct. 

Maurice Waters's picture

highest end consumer grade, in order to join CPS as a pro you have to be sporting 2 x 5D's

 a full frame 7D = 1D (;

Tri Minh Nguyen's picture

1ds :), 1d= 1.3x crop

 oh yep, i was thinking of the 1DX.

If the specs above are to be believed there's almost no chance of it getting a full frame sensor, it would be too close to 5D Mk III specs

Adam Cross's picture

this would never happen - apart from the fact you would have to re-design the entire body or just use the 5D3 Body - which again, wouldn't happen. The 7D, as far as photography is concerned, is used by wildlife and sports photographers who can't quite scrape the barrel to pay for a 1D series camera - it has the APS-C 1.6x crop sensor which is very beneficial when it comes to using telephoto lenses and getting that bit of extra reach towards your chosen subject and, of course, it has that pretty great AF system which made it far superior to the 5D2 for sports and wildlife - making the 7D2 a full frame camera would make all the budget wildlife shooters and sports shooters sneer with disgust.

Edward Savage's picture

@tim :::;Really,please direct me to a site that shows poor nikon d800 video,,,i'd like to see for my self

Nathan Hamler's picture

i think they're referring to how "bad" it looks at high iso's in 400% crops like that british fellow showed in a video here recently....i forget the guys name....but yeah, 400%....b/c THAT is how people look at video these days..... :rolls eyes:

Jason McDonald's picture

 If you are using it for video mainly it's not the best of cameras. Moire and aliasing are the biggest issues. If you shoot mainly video (And there are those that do) then this is a big issue and the 5Dm3 has resolved it pretty nicely.

JimmySchaefer's picture

If anything they are gonna try to make the camera a fast FPS! thats my opinion!

RJ Woodgett's picture

Go Full Frame Save the Upgrade 

I'd be more excited if they went with 16MP and improved noise at/over 1600, but the higher end focus (in the 7D) is appealing.

Paul Mo's picture

I'd be happy if the 7D MKII was 12MP, 10fps and had a 50% reduction in noise. That's not much to ask.