[News] Comparing Nikon's D4 to Canon's 1DX Video(a side by side)

See one of the first side by side video comparisons of Nikon's D4 and Canon's 1DX posted by Fenchel Janisch. This video was shot in daylight using the same settings on both cameras and Sigma 50mm F/1.4 + Sigma 85mm F/1.4 lenses. (Settings: ISO 100, F/4 + F/5.6, shutter speed 1/50s). Which looks better to you? Leave your comments below.

via [YouTube]
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Graham Marley's picture

I think the Nikon appears to bit a bit sharper? It's rather hard to tell in a low res youtube clip. When the subjects were identical from the same angle, it got pretty hard to tell the difference, but some edge detail seemed to have more punch on the Nikon. 

in 1080p you can see quite a difference

I must agree that seemingly Nikon is a bit sharper.  

The Nikon definitely appeared sharper in the first scene at 1080p. The lattice work on the stationary building in the background was definitely more sharp with Nikon. The other scenes seemed to show the same as well.

The Canon did appear brighter in some scenes. As is normal with Nikon, the reds also appeared to pop a little more (see scene with the red bus). Aside from the sharpness, they seem comparable overall.

I hate to say it but it looks like Nikon wins this one.

Nikon is sharper, but judging from the aliasing pattern at 44", they appear to have similar resolution.

All I care about is a jello test but he didn't quickly pan :(

I don't think this is genuine.  The guy specialized in Youtube marketing in addition to video production.  What are the chances he's one of the only ones to have a d4, much less a 1x at the same time?

A lot of people call bullshit on this guys YouTube channel....who is he and how does he get access to preproduction gear before the big magazines and blogs? I call bs!!

Gur Mike Lev's picture

I agree, there's no way these guys have two of the most highly demanded cameras on the planet before anyone else... Honestly, the quality doesn't even look that good. I feel like the 5D mark II looks better than both of these... fake

Kenn Tam's picture

It does seem suspect considering the current availability of these cameras.  Let's keep on eye on this one and see what turns up, down the road.  If Fenchel & Janisch Film Produktions turn out to be full of shit, I'll spend an appropriate amount of time letting the industry know as much.  :)

It would be so easy for Fenchel & Jenisch to make us look stupid just by posting a link to a photo take with these cameras or posting a BTS video of him using these cameras. I have a feeling that's not going to happen.

The Nikon shots have richer colors, so I go for Nikon :D

vladimir byazrov's picture

wth?  why Canon's image so blurry?

Quite honestly I see very little difference... but if I was to be critical, I'd say the D4 look sharper and better colors.  Both of these could simply be the interaction between the lens and camera though, or slight variations in the comparison so it's hard to tell.  I think more test videos with more lenses would help.  I actually own the Sigma 50 f/1.4 so I hope it works well with it!  Maybe my next purchase is a Canon 1DX? :)

I think D4 show little more detail and it`s sharper.Finally Nikon in back to the game, about the video recording!

The Nikon is much more sharper and better field of depth

Nikon D4 is sharper. Nikon's video looks better.

I had the same reaction as some of the other folks here: how in the world did both of these pre-release cameras get into the hands of one reviewer, particularly one who wasn't bound by any sort of contract limiting his ability to do hands-on reviews so early. 

Without a watertight explanation I don't believe it. 

j.j.'s picture

Those cameras are available for review at the conventions, like WPPI and were at ImagingUSA.
I'd like to test the Nikon D4 in low light, storm chasing, etc.

Dan Stone's picture

yeah they have a d4 vs d7000 video, which the d4 look IDENTICAL to the d7000 including the cropping/framing and urm that wouldn't add up considering crop/full frame? im not a expert but does look & sound fishy

Nikon's video looks better.

Trying to judge video IQ from YouTube? lmao. From just looking the Nikon appears more saturated and sharp, but you dont know if that has more to do with in-camera processing/image profiles or actual IQ. You really can't judge until you get both up on a big screen or an IPS display. A high ISO test would be way more useful. PS: For some reason both of these look kinda crappy to me, especially when looking at moire. They are both supposed to be moire-less. I see plenty.

why would one camera be sharper than the other? sharpness is determined by the lens and how accurately the lens was focused.

to many variables to determine which is better.

How do we know this is Nikon D4 or
Canon 1DX footage? This guy has a number of videos claiming to be
taken with the Nikon D4 and the Canon 1DX. No one else on the planet
has video footage from these cameras, but yet this guy does. Don't
get me wrong a number of people has had the opportunity to preview
these cameras early but none of them were allowed to leave with
sample photos or video. What partnership does this guy have with
Nikon or Canon to get these cameras early? I would love for him to
show a behind the scenes video of him using the D4/1DX or post a link
to an image taken with the Nikon D4 or the Canon 1DX. Go ahead make
me look stupid. Do you think this is what Nikon or Canon want you to
see as the first videos of the flagship systems. I don't think so.
These videos are fake. He is doing this to get traffic to his YouTube
channel and it is working....

The Nikon looks sharper and the color saturation was definitely better.

Garrett Graham's picture

I hope it is a farce because they both look bad.

they look almost exactly the same to me, but these are just street scenes during the day, so it'd be hard to tell a difference on youtube.. i'm a canon guy, but i have to say that i'd probably choose the d4 because of the video features (this is only based on specs-- and its never good to buy a camera based on what you see on paper).. uncompressed hdmi out is going to be a big deal if that's really true

This all depends on default applied settings by the manufacturer. Anyone that's actually competent with these cameras knows how easily these settings can be adjusted in camera to each look like one another.  Hobbyists falling like flies to this shit as usual.

Todd Davidson Photo's picture

The Nikon looks sharper, but I question how he has both cameras, to do this test.

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