[News] Hasselblad Cameras See Major Price Reduction

[News] Hasselblad Cameras See Major Price Reduction

After the merger of Broncolor and Hasselblad in the United States, it was only a matter of time before we saw more news on the global front from the camera giant. Hasselblad has released the announcement of a major price reduction, over 20% off in some cases in Europe.

From Hasselblad.se:
"We’ve discounted prices on a number of models by up to 22.9% - that’s a massive 3,565 euros off the cost of a new H4D-31 (incl 35-90mm lens). And now our ultimate photography tool - the H4D-60, is down 6,200 euros to €23,900.
The time for change has come. Until now for many the idea of owning a Hasselblad has been little more than a dream. Just an aspiration.

  • Now you can go as far as your dream will take you – for a lot less money.
  • Now the H4D-31 (incl. 35-90mm lens) is reduced by 3,565 euros; H4D-40 unit is down by 1,000 euros; the H4D-50 by 3,000; the H4D-60 is down 6,200 euros; the H4D-50MS by 3,000; the H4D-200MS by 4,500 and the CFV-50 Digital Back by 2,000 euros.
  • You can get substantial discounts on new Hasselblad H System cameras by simply trading in your old gear. And now, for the first time, you can trade in from a CF-22 and CFV-39 to a CFV-50!
  • PLUS: In a separate stand-alone offer customers who buy a new Hasselblad and lens before the end of July will be eligible to purchase a second lens at just 50% of the manufacturer’s recommended sales price*."

See that asterisk at the end there? Here's the caveat to the lens deal: "Please note that this offer is only eligible, when buying an H4D camera with lens and the second Hasselblad H lens by July 31st 2012. Please note that this offer is not available on trade-in cameras or any other units and does not apply to existing camera owners."

This is a bold step, and may be a direct result of Nikon and Canon gear getting considerably better every year. With this price reduction in Europe, US natives can only hope we'll see it stateside soon. Will you be picking up a shiny new Hasselblad?

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Thank you Nikon D800

when I first saw this. That is exactly what I was thinking now if only fuji can do the same with leica. 


What I want to see is 20-30% reduction in Nikon and Canon prices. Right now, a Nikon camera in a set with accessories and lenses that costs $1000 on eBay, would cost you around $1500 or more here in Hungary.

P.s.: Every day I see thousands of people fighting over if Nikons or Canons are the best cameras... but I have never ever heard of Hasselblad before. Makes me wondering...

Really? Hasselblad is widely considered to be the best possible camera you can own. It's medium format digital, but their film cameras are legendary. 

And it came from Sweden! :)

(yes, I am proud!)

Wish someone gave me a 500C/M with a digital back. That would complete me.

20 000 or 30 000 euros are on the same fantastic level to most photographers.
I guess we'll stick to Canon for now, but thanx for a good gesture.

They are so affordable now! 

Just to ask (and not make this a flamewar, mind you). 

Why would you buy a Hasselblad over a Phase One?

The only reason I can think of is the True Phocus feature on the H4 series.I mean, Phase One takes all kinds of backs, some of which are far superior the Hassy ones both in term if IQ and usability, has faster lenses and even takes Hasselblad lenses with a converter.

However, despite all this, I find myself browsing ads for pre-owned Hassys from time to time, hoping for a great deal and not being really interested in Phase Ones. O.o
The True Phocus is a killer feature, given these cameras only have center AF points, but other than that I can't really put my finger on why I'd like a Hassy over a Phase One.

I have honestly been wondering this myself. 

  that’s a massive 3,565 euros off the cost of a new H4D-31 ?

if 3,000 IS MASSIVE, what's the remaining actual cost called, Planet like?

Galactic maybe. 


Great news! I'll order 4 of them... °-°'

They know that the new crop of DSLRs is going to take a major bite out of their market, sadly, even with a 25-50% price cut, there's not much they can do to stem the amount of users who'd rather shoot a Nikon DSLR with that system (and even video) than a larger, bulkier, less versatile system, except a few commercial shooters and rich hobbiests. 

I just bought a Hasselblad H3D 39MS - and could not be happier. Still getting used to the sound of the shutter. 

My 5D MK II is dwarfed. And the files are INSANE. So much detail + tack sharp looking at files at 100%