[News] Move Aside iPhone, the Nokia 808 PureView is Here.

Have you ever been on a photo shoot with your iphone and thought, man these 8-megapixel shots just aren't doing it for me? Perhaps you should look into Nokia's 808 PureView. This phone blows any competition out of the water with a 41 megapixel sensor and Carl Zeiss optics. 

If you think memory might be a problem, the phone has 16 GB of internal memory and can support up to 48 GB's of external memory with a microSD card.  As well as some huge jpegs, the 808 PureView also shoots Full HD video at 30 fps.

Anyone feel like selling your camera and getting a new phone?

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You're kidding, right?

Nice but does it shoot raw

Yes, i weekly have shoots with my iPhone 4S, and the 8 Megapixel shots aren't doing it for me.
So i use my DSLR instead.

No seriously.
I have lots of cool iPhone 4s street shots that look great on a 40x40cm print.
The Snapseed app is great aswell.

instagram user, by any chance? 

No, never used it.

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But.... it's a Nokia..... ew. 

This is a huge step forward for camera phones. However, I wouldn't go for the phone's Symbian OS. But a little while after this phone was announced back at MWC in February, Nokia hinted the inevitable; this camera is going to be showing up on Nokia's Windows Phones once WP8 comes out later this year. That's when I'll buy one.

Read about the preview a while back the large mega pixel is just a gimmick marketing scheme

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are these going to be available in the US? I heard they weren't. i could be wrong

This particular phone won't be available in the US unless you want to import one through Negri or Expansys. However, Nokia is making phones with this camera running Windows Phone 8, and that will probably be available in the US.

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not into having my camera ringing...

HOLY SH***....go NOkia...way to blow the apple apart to its core.

Would love to see a serious photographic review on this before I start jumping to conclusions. 

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I saw a few pictures from this, the photos are pretty good for a phone, obviously the benefit is being able to crop a bit and lower noise.

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this would stop me from buying a point and shoot for times when a dslr is just not fesible but I havn't found that time so I will stick with the dslr

This is a nice P&S camera that you can talk on. I would rather have a nice phone I can take pictures with :)

this is a joke, right?

Is that small of a lens even sharp enough to use a 41mp sensor.


I think we are taking this the entirely wrong way.  I cant think of the countless times when I am out taking pictures and I have felt the need to make a phone call.

But on a more serious note, who is for a way to tether your camera to your cell phone?  it would be so convenient to just need to take my phone out when i'm on the subway or if i don't feel comfortable opening up my camera bag.  that way I could tag all the photos I like during the day so I can later possess the selected photos on my PC when i'm back at home

I think you forgot to mention, that the sensor size of this thing is HUGE, bigger than any PS in the market, almost 75% of the size of a Nikon 1 ... the sensor, the lens and the way the 41 MPX are used to generate noise free, high DR 5-8mpx images is not gimmick at all ... this is a true photographic evolution, I wonder why NO ONE (canon, nikon, sony, panasonic) did this before.

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More like, it's a camera with a phone.

From what i've read about this, while the sensor is 41MP sensor (which is a tiny tiny sensor) the actual output file i've heard is only 8MP.  the benefit is that by starting with a large file to reduce noise at higher ISOs that plague camera phones (due to the small sensors) and better image quality.
Also due to phone size and internal space, the CPU usually sits behind the sensor and shooting full HD video on a sensor that essentially sits ontop the CPU causes over heating issues quickly.

It'll be interesting to see where they go from here, but at some point on your phone you just want a fun camera not a serious one.